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Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one….oh, hi there!

We made lots of progress in the past week.

cable afghan

Lois’s cable afghan

purple crochet

Ethel with freeform crochet WIP

Ethel was actually involved in 3 projects, this just shows one.

knitted wash cloth

Rachael finished her cotton wash cloth

Today was Rachael’s birthday, and she was wearing the awesome dress that she was working on a few weeks ago. She said, to celebrate, she was going to go home and cut out another dress. Can’t wait to see what fabric and style pattern she chooses.

Tricia was tired and said she hadn’t done much on the white sparkly scarf, so I agreed to hold off on the photo of her project this time.

afghan blocks

my alphabet afghan blocks

Lois brought a few items for “Show and Tell.” Can you guess what they are?

darning tool

Lois’s Guess What? Item #1

Item #2 What is it?

Item #2 What is it?

Seriously, we knew the first item–a darning egg, right? But does anyone know what the second item is?

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Ethel and her new phone (and towel hanger WIP)

Great knitting meeting this week!

Tricia worked on a sparkly white scarf

Tricia worked on a sparkly white scarf

Tricia took a wash cloth pattern and extended it into a scarf!


Elizabeth’s crochet components

Elizabeth worked on an afghan in what she calls “granny strips”–her version of Granny squares, except they are long strips. The new purple strip will soon have a light lavender center. She will probably edge these in black.

cable afghan

Lois’s afghan, two panels-at- a -time cable construction

Lois is also making an afghan, with two long center panels. It’s easier when you make the same thing, two-at-a-time, she says.

cable needle

Lois likes this cable needle best so far

knitted blanket

Martin Storey blanket

The cats interfered with my new project, a knitted blanket from the Aran and Celtic Children’s book. One block at a time, in Rowan felted tweed yarn, with intarsia alphabet letters in each block. Ethel showed me how to weave in the intarsia loops that are formed on the back. (I took a little break from the Sophie Tunic—I’ll be back…) To see Martin Storey’s Fall/Winter brochure from Rowan look at this you-tube vid here.

wash cloth

Rachel and cotton knit cloth

So what’s on your needles this fine summer night?


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Three of us stole a little time together knitting, after a hiatus and in the middle of life-altering events! Some of us are back from vacation, some of us have had houseguests. One of us has a two-year old who’s just been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes 😦 . One of us had a lightning strike and lost almost all her household  appliances.

Meanwhile, Ethel got interested in a new needle-art form:

Freeform Crochet

Freeform Crochet


Looks very intriguing!

Lois finished her teal green shawl. We get to observe Lois making lots of hats, shawls, afghans, and other beautiful objects. But then they disappear off her radar and we don’t always find out where they went, because she doesn’t like to jump into the limelight. But her creations go to folks at the Atrium, a local assisted-living facility, family members, and friends who might be staying in a local hospital or rehabilitation center in which overzealous air-conditioning necessitates a warm blankie.


Lois and her new project, a white cable-knit afghan



We live in Florida, and in the summer IT IS HOT. So we love it when we have someone to knit for who might appreciate warm woolies, and also tropical-friendly fibers that are nice to knit with in our climate.

Ethel and her new project, a kitchen towel hanger

Ethel and her new project, a kitchen towel hanger


We’re in the second week of July and already the stores are full of fall stuff. The seasons are racing along. What are you knitting this summer? Have you started on fall/winter projects yet? What is your favorite summer knitting project?


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DH and I were invited to spend 4th of July weekend with his brother and family at their resort condo in Longboat Key. We had a refreshing time relaxing, partying on the beach, shopping, and talking with loved ones in a place that is just short of paradise.

Longboat Key

Early morning sunrise from the balcony

Longboat Key

Beach at 9:30 AM

Longboat key

Majestic Norfolk pine in the landscape

Florida gulf coast

Florida gulf coast beach

Longboat Key condo

resort condo

fireworks on the beach

Fireworks on the beach




























































I seized the opportunity to do some yarn shopping in nearby Sarasota.

Yarn Shop

A Good Yarn

A Good Yarn truly was The Mothership of all yarn shops. It was BIG, stocked full of all of the most popular, trending brands. Next to the front window was a work table, decked out with shop patrons who were calling for assistance from the friendly, outgoing staff. There was a large, comfy sitting area with “guy” magazines, for those patrons who don’t get all that excited about yarn. I had ordered Rowan fine tweed and felted tweed from an online vendor, but they were sold out of two of the colors that I needed for a Martin Storey project. But I couldn’t remember offhand what those two colors were, although the cute young clerk located the pattern book for me and allowed me to browse through it. “Don’t worry,” she said, “you can figure out what they are when you get home and then order it from us!” Awesome to know that they do a great mail-order business, too.

The shop owner is an underwater photographer, and on one wall, they have a selection of yarn in color ways that match the several photos of marine life framed above the skeins. Here’s a shot of the damage I did (to my bank account) while I was there.

A Good Yarn yarn

yarn haul

We have here, clockwise from left: CoBaSi (cotton, bamboo, silk blend sock yarn that doesn’t sag and bag like cotton alone would) by HiKoo in orange and blue; Lorna’s Laces Hand-dyed Shepherd Sock in U of F; Lorna’s Laces Hand-dyed Shepherd Sock in A Good Beach (they said it was in the colors of nearby Siesta Key Beach, white, light orange, sandy gray);HiKoo American Brand fingering weight yarn in Wind Cave (white); Rowan fine tweed in Tissington (orange); Rowan felted tweed in 178 blue; fine tweed in Bainbridge (dark red); Anzula Hand-dyed Sebastian (70% super wash merino, 30% sea cell) in Hyacinth; Madelinetosh Dandelion (merino/linen blend) in Midnight Pass; and at the bottom, Hand Maiden 100% silk in Rumple (metallic grays.) The bags are decorated with logo stickers and scraps of yarn, by students at a local school.

I also stopped in at Picasso’s Moon, a Sarasota yarn shop/antique shop.

yarn shop

Picasso’s Moon

art yarn

art yarn from Picasso’s Moon

Owner Debra Lambert spun this yarn on a Mach III wheel with a large orifice. She is set to give a workshop on spinning at Towles Court later this month. The shop is (as the yarn tag indicates) an eclectic collection of fibers and antiques arranged in sort of a giant web of skeins and scarves, shawls, bowls and baskets of old wooden spools, balls of yarn, decorative objects, hanging garments, and in the center of the room sat Debra on the floor, weaving on what looked to me like a little Cricket loom. Nearby was a beautiful, compact Schacht loom warped with a very fine, black yarn. I learned that art yarn such as this is VERY pricey, but I was under a spell, taken into the gypsy mystique of fiber artisanship, an alter ego I once vaguely sought for myself…some day, I want to delve deeper into the fiber arts.

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Happy reunion at Knitting: Ethel was back, and Rachel brought Elizabeth to join the group.

wash cloth

Rachel worked on a wash cloth

knitted wash cloth

Ethel also worked on a wash cloth


Elizabeth did some crocheting

tps://wednesdayknitting.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/img_2022.jpg”>Baltimore T-shirt


Ethel brought back some cool finds from her trip[/caption]


Maryland flag crab

crab flip flops

Crabby kicks

knitting needles

Ethel’s metal needles


and got these free gadgets


Ethel’s cotton-linen Knit Picks yarn

Rowan Felted Tweed Yarn

Rowan Felted Tweed Yarn














































I was so excited when my Rowan Felted Tweed yarn order came in the mail this morning. Looking forward to the day I finish the Sophie Tunic so I can go on to other projects in the book Little Aran & Celtic Knits for Kids by Martin Storey.

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