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This goes out to our former group member Kerrie, who had a birthday today. We miss you Kerrie! Interestingly enough, besides Kerrie, 3 other knitting groupies have had birthdays in the past month. Are people who were born under the sign of Leo natural needlework divas? I thought so.


Rachel contemplates a new project in crochet


Lois asks Ethel for some clarification in her sock project

cat in bag

Grayzie tries to dive in nose-first

cat in bag

how about this bag?

cat in bag

Wait, here’s another one! MMMMMMM….


I got up to “L” on the Martin Storey blanket

Hope everyone with a happy summer birthday feels renewed and ready to roar in a new year, full of great new needlework! XD


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Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one….oh, hi there!

We made lots of progress in the past week.

cable afghan

Lois’s cable afghan

purple crochet

Ethel with freeform crochet WIP

Ethel was actually involved in 3 projects, this just shows one.

knitted wash cloth

Rachael finished her cotton wash cloth

Today was Rachael’s birthday, and she was wearing the awesome dress that she was working on a few weeks ago. She said, to celebrate, she was going to go home and cut out another dress. Can’t wait to see what fabric and style pattern she chooses.

Tricia was tired and said she hadn’t done much on the white sparkly scarf, so I agreed to hold off on the photo of her project this time.

afghan blocks

my alphabet afghan blocks

Lois brought a few items for “Show and Tell.” Can you guess what they are?

darning tool

Lois’s Guess What? Item #1

Item #2 What is it?

Item #2 What is it?

Seriously, we knew the first item–a darning egg, right? But does anyone know what the second item is?

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Three of us stole a little time together knitting, after a hiatus and in the middle of life-altering events! Some of us are back from vacation, some of us have had houseguests. One of us has a two-year old who’s just been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes 😦 . One of us had a lightning strike and lost almost all her household  appliances.

Meanwhile, Ethel got interested in a new needle-art form:

Freeform Crochet

Freeform Crochet


Looks very intriguing!

Lois finished her teal green shawl. We get to observe Lois making lots of hats, shawls, afghans, and other beautiful objects. But then they disappear off her radar and we don’t always find out where they went, because she doesn’t like to jump into the limelight. But her creations go to folks at the Atrium, a local assisted-living facility, family members, and friends who might be staying in a local hospital or rehabilitation center in which overzealous air-conditioning necessitates a warm blankie.


Lois and her new project, a white cable-knit afghan



We live in Florida, and in the summer IT IS HOT. So we love it when we have someone to knit for who might appreciate warm woolies, and also tropical-friendly fibers that are nice to knit with in our climate.

Ethel and her new project, a kitchen towel hanger

Ethel and her new project, a kitchen towel hanger


We’re in the second week of July and already the stores are full of fall stuff. The seasons are racing along. What are you knitting this summer? Have you started on fall/winter projects yet? What is your favorite summer knitting project?


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Happy reunion at Knitting: Ethel was back, and Rachel brought Elizabeth to join the group.

wash cloth

Rachel worked on a wash cloth

knitted wash cloth

Ethel also worked on a wash cloth


Elizabeth did some crocheting

tps://wednesdayknitting.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/img_2022.jpg”>Baltimore T-shirt


Ethel brought back some cool finds from her trip[/caption]


Maryland flag crab

crab flip flops

Crabby kicks

knitting needles

Ethel’s metal needles


and got these free gadgets


Ethel’s cotton-linen Knit Picks yarn

Rowan Felted Tweed Yarn

Rowan Felted Tweed Yarn














































I was so excited when my Rowan Felted Tweed yarn order came in the mail this morning. Looking forward to the day I finish the Sophie Tunic so I can go on to other projects in the book Little Aran & Celtic Knits for Kids by Martin Storey.

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Wednesday Night Knitting was for a fleeting moment, playing catch-up.



Lois brought more teal yarn to work on. Rachel brought nothing yarn-y but we talked genealogy.



Ethel flew east.



Kerry is soon flying west…

Amy brought a potential wedding dress.

wedding dress

wedding dress

Yes, I’m still on the Sophie tunic.

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Day 6 of Eskimimi’s Knit and Crochet Blog Week Challenge is to write about someone you admire, and about yourself in comparison/contrast. My knitting idols are my grandmother and her sister, Auntie Marg.


Margaret and Alice about 1917

When I knew them, I didn’t think much about knitting. They became my knitting idols much later, when I thought back, in amazement, of the things they knitted. Most vivid in my memories: the sacred afghan that remained on our couch for the purpose of keeping warm, while watching TV and slipping into Dreamland. We called it the “duggy-wuggy” (I do not know the origin of that term, so it’d be no good to ask! 🙂 ). It was light green, dark green, and gray. And possibly some canary yellow in there, too. It was about 4 1/2 feet long by 2 feet wide and had fringe on both narrow ends. Thick cables coursed down the length of it. It had a fabric backing that was a dark gray-brown wool crepe, very slinky. My dad took a nap on the couch every day when he got home from work. I aspire to that, too. I’ve had couch blankets, lap quilts, throws, on the couch…but none so awesome as that duggy-wuggy!

Next memory is of the baby layette items after my daughter was born. I’m sorry to say I don’t have a single one of these left. They were so classic, and so delectable. A yellow cardigan with raglan sleeves, with a matching white and yellow Tyrolean hat with a little pompom on top (not frilly, in case she turned out to be a boy, but yellow, so she could still wear it if she was a girl). Knit-stitch booties with a satin ribbon to tie. A white ripple-effect baby blanket. A white crocheted jacket and bonnet, with a satin ribbon tie.

I can picture in my mind, the two sisters looking at each other with purposeful ambition, whenever a new baby was announced.

Aunt Marg

Auntie Marg, c. 1929

Here is my great-aunt, wearing a shawl that she undoubtedly made. Aunt Margaret never married; she lived with my grandmother in a house full of cats.

As for me, I guess my leaf didn’t fall far from the tree, but to compare with their expertise….I still have a long way to go! And I’m still searching for that plain baby cardigan and hat set pattern!

knitting with cat

Me, Bob, and Mom

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Tomorrow is May Day, today was beautiful, and in the evening we celebrated …

spring trees

trees budding

Confederate Jasmine

intoxicating smell of Confederate Jasmine

Sabal palm

new growth

spring plants

new tendrils reaching

lush foliage

lush foliage

tree in bloom

tree in bloom

crocheted shawl

Lois was crocheting a new shawl

I was almost through with the back of the Sophie tunic

I was almost through with the back of the Sophie tunic

Jerilynn and Ethel pressed on with their projects

Jerilynn and Ethel pressed on with their projects

We had a pretty productive last day of April!

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