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This week’s photo challenge is Texture. I went to The World’s Most Famous Beach for our family beach weekend. Sand, surf, the roar of traffic up and down A1A outside the beach-front hotels, hugs from big and little ones, crisp hotel sheets on sun-exposed skin, seafood restaurants, and of course, a yarn crawl. I had to see what the local yarn shop The Ball of Yarn had to offer.

The Mandarin Petit and Kashmir yarns are from their Swedish import rack, although they have a flag of Norway on their labels. The shop proprietor told me that they love Kraemer brand yarns, which are spun in America and were used in the Ralph Lauren knitted apparel worn by our Winter Olympics competitors. Isn’t it a small world after all?


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I waited around for the knitters to show up Wednesday night. So far they haven’t.

But that is ok. I’m still feeling the effects of a long illness and a long road trip.

At this point, I don’t even remember where my knitting is…oh, yes I do. Going to go get it now.

Cream Cheese sandwich

Toasted cream cheese sandwich with cucumbers, carrots, sprouts and seeds from Serendipity Deli in Cary, NC

Continuing in the discovery of the vein of gold…as it pertains to food purveyors…I have become as the detective Hercule Poirot, in search of truthful, but manipulated by the wracking of the digestive process on my delicate constitution.

Here are a few dishes from the Posta Tuscan Grille in Raleigh.

house salad

House salad

beef steak

Filetto entree (beef tenderloin)

Veal scallopini

Vitello (veal scallopini)

I didn’t show a pic of the breakfast buffet. But some of the offerings were notable: great, gleaming jewel-like blackberries the size of plum tomatoes, crisp-and-browned-on-the-outside, velvety fluffy on the inside biscuits with a savory herbed cream gravy, creamy cheese grits. Many different kinds of muffins.

This was our dinner from Saffire in Charleston, SC (room service: decadently romantic!)

Shrimp and Grits

BBQ Shrimp and White Cheddar Cheese Grits with Mushroom Hash

fish dinner

Sustainable Atlantic Catch (mahi-mahi)


our gorgeous accommodations

rest room

rest room

work station

my erstwhile work station

A luxurious little haven in which to work, while a gentle rain fell and fog rolled onto the riverbanks outside.

Before we left town, I visited Persimmon Café on my yoga buddy Karen’s recommendation, and snagged some snackage for the road.


what was left of a giant Capn’ Crunch cookie


a special low-cal root beer from Wisconsin

I had a long, friendly chat with the proprietor about root beer and the fact that although the café is located inside a laundromat, its patrons have some very sophisticated taste in delicious and creative food!

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Knitting getaway side trip: who did I find?

meeting Tina


Wonderful to catch up and talk about old times. What a beautiful little corner of the world she calls home now! I knew that I’d take a road trip up here some day! I keep up with her through Facebook, but it doesn’t compare to a hug and a face-to-face catching up session….and look, aren’t we color-coordinated in our orange and blue!

We took the opportunity to visit Tina’s LYS, Warm ‘n Fuzzy in Cary, NC.

Yarn Shop

Cary NC LYS Warm ‘N Fuzzy

Artsy shopping

Ashworth Village Art Shops

Serendipity Deli, Cary NC

Our lunching spot

Old church in Cary NC

This beautiful old church was across the street


Luscious fibrous finds

Clockwise, from top: the blue-green-yellow is 100% merino Tweed Dragon Fly from local Echo View Fiber Mill in Weaverville, NC….the peach-brown ball is Wolle’s Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton in Copper 2 Colorway, from nearby Virginia….the next group is by Quince&Co. Owl in Papuan color way: American alpaca/American wool, Piper in Sweetwater and Caracara:Texas Merino/Texas mohair, and Kestrel: 100% organic linen in Rosehip color way…and the blue and white fingering Phydeaux Soie merino/silk in Blue Moon. Thank you to the young lady shopkeeper who was very knowledgeable about the local yarn scene!

The next day, this scene was pandemonium with the Food Truck Rodeo “Chatham Street Chowdown” going full-tilt.

Food Truck Rally

Food Truck Rally

Donut Truck


Food Truck Rally

La Farm Truck

Food Truck Rally


Food Truck Rally

Chai Tacos

Food Truck Rally

Sōl Tacos

Food Truck

Baton Rouge Cuisine

Food Truck

Gussy’s Greek

Food Truck


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