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Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one….oh, hi there!

We made lots of progress in the past week.

cable afghan

Lois’s cable afghan

purple crochet

Ethel with freeform crochet WIP

Ethel was actually involved in 3 projects, this just shows one.

knitted wash cloth

Rachael finished her cotton wash cloth

Today was Rachael’s birthday, and she was wearing the awesome dress that she was working on a few weeks ago. She said, to celebrate, she was going to go home and cut out another dress. Can’t wait to see what fabric and style pattern she chooses.

Tricia was tired and said she hadn’t done much on the white sparkly scarf, so I agreed to hold off on the photo of her project this time.

afghan blocks

my alphabet afghan blocks

Lois brought a few items for “Show and Tell.” Can you guess what they are?

darning tool

Lois’s Guess What? Item #1

Item #2 What is it?

Item #2 What is it?

Seriously, we knew the first item–a darning egg, right? But does anyone know what the second item is?


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Knitting getaway side trip: who did I find?

meeting Tina


Wonderful to catch up and talk about old times. What a beautiful little corner of the world she calls home now! I knew that I’d take a road trip up here some day! I keep up with her through Facebook, but it doesn’t compare to a hug and a face-to-face catching up session….and look, aren’t we color-coordinated in our orange and blue!

We took the opportunity to visit Tina’s LYS, Warm ‘n Fuzzy in Cary, NC.

Yarn Shop

Cary NC LYS Warm ‘N Fuzzy

Artsy shopping

Ashworth Village Art Shops

Serendipity Deli, Cary NC

Our lunching spot

Old church in Cary NC

This beautiful old church was across the street


Luscious fibrous finds

Clockwise, from top: the blue-green-yellow is 100% merino Tweed Dragon Fly from local Echo View Fiber Mill in Weaverville, NC….the peach-brown ball is Wolle’s Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton in Copper 2 Colorway, from nearby Virginia….the next group is by Quince&Co. Owl in Papuan color way: American alpaca/American wool, Piper in Sweetwater and Caracara:Texas Merino/Texas mohair, and Kestrel: 100% organic linen in Rosehip color way…and the blue and white fingering Phydeaux Soie merino/silk in Blue Moon. Thank you to the young lady shopkeeper who was very knowledgeable about the local yarn scene!

The next day, this scene was pandemonium with the Food Truck Rodeo “Chatham Street Chowdown” going full-tilt.

Food Truck Rally

Food Truck Rally

Donut Truck


Food Truck Rally

La Farm Truck

Food Truck Rally


Food Truck Rally

Chai Tacos

Food Truck Rally

Sōl Tacos

Food Truck

Baton Rouge Cuisine

Food Truck

Gussy’s Greek

Food Truck


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Eskimimi Makes has some genius ideas for blogging…
At Wednesday Night Knitting, we played around with Day 3’s concept, photographing our projects in a totally different light.

knitted scarf

Cycling with Scarf

Ethel’s scarf, staged as blowing in the wind.

(Actually, Rachel was holding it up with a long crochet needle behind-the-scenes).

bike scene with scarf

behind-the-scenes view

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the side


Rachel ripping

Meanwhile, Rachel was busy with a seam ripper. All needlework welcome!

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Aargh! Eskimimi Makes’ 5th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week has started and I didn’t realize it til I saw this post from CaityRosey! Thanks, Caity!

I’ll start with Day 1 (even tho it’s already the 3rd day) which topic is “A Day in the Life of…”

Knitted Wall Hanging

Alp Wall Hanging at the end of the hall

My name is Wally Alp. Click here if you want to see the Ravelry version of how I came to be. I hang out at the end of the hall, which you might think is a remote space, but buddy, I see a lot.

wall hanging

view of the empty boxes

I get to stare at a bunch of empty boxes sitting on top of a generator. Not very pretty, but sometimes the owners need to send stuff to some of their seventeen grandchildren, and they keep a stockpile of boxes right across from me. Better than a view of a parking lot, I guess!

Alp Wall hanging and Audobon print

Better view; 1937 Audubon print: Florida Jay

View on this side is much better, the Florida Jay print, drawn by John J. Audubon, and a shelf of old DVDs.

guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Today the woman who lives here brought a bundle of sheets in to the guest bedroom right here, and made up the bed. Maybe a guest is coming! Who might be coming? Great grandma? The twins? That granddaughter with the wavy golden hair and the chipped front tooth? That cute young couple with the toddler who likes Curious George?

wall hanging

Sewing and working room

The woman who lives here comes through this door A LOT! She goes in there to sew, to get yarn and patterns, and she goes in there to help people find answers to their family history questions. She keeps the door closed to keep the cats out.

cat space

cat lying in wait

The cats see this little space below me as a waiting area, until such time as their momma comes out of the sewing room. Sometimes they have a long wait!

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Today was a bit nippy for our spring; the temperature was quite a bit lower than the usual 80’s we’ve been experiencing! “How chilly was it?” you ask? About 58 degrees F. Brrrr!

Nevertheless, we did some needlework.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got a new issue of Love of Knitting in the mail, with summer knitting projects! But what am I doing? A Christmas project (Sofie Tunic, see last few posts).

Sofie Tunic Signing out far

Sofie Tunic so far

toddler sweater dress

Sofie Tunic with size 2 needles

Tricia with white sparkly yarn

Tricia with white sparkly yarn


















You may be able to see Rachel there in the background, knitting.

Ethel's Rainbow Loom bracelets

Ethel’s Rainbow Loom bracelets









Ethel, always teaching, showed the younger ones a thing or two on the needles. They made some wonderful Rainbow Loom necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of cool things.







She said she’d never seen anyone take to knitting as easily as that one little girl… 🙄


Ethel patiently taught the younger needlers














Meanwhile, DH was working in the shop, turning little round boxes on the lathe, out of downed branches from the yard.



wooden box

tooth fairy box #1

wooden box

tooth fairy box #2














Fabulous fun! What do you want to do next time?

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Echoing other bloggers and their mahhhvelous posts…



Knitting Luv
OMG: Klimt-inspired Knitting!

Crochet Luv
Creaturra–cutest ever hipster model

Art Luv
Not Human Beings

Machine Embroidery Luv
AND felting, all in one! Gorgeous inspiration!

Quilt Luv
Best Beginner

Woodturning Luv
Woodturning at Large

Photography Luv
Cool take on Weekly Photo Challenge by Neophyte

So that’s my little round-up of interesting posts, images, things to think about (per Zero to Hero Day 23)

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Sigh. What to knit? What to knit? As the Muppets sang, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Who will put a penny in the old man’s hat?

Some of us worked on hats. Ethel finished the fall-colored alpaca hat to match a scarf she made last year for a relative in the frozen north. Lois worked on 2 different hats. The pink one will have a wired brim. The green one will also have a brim, maybe wired.

Ethel's alpaca cabled

Ethel’s alpaca cabled

Lois' brimmed hat in seed stitch

Lois’ brimmed hat in seed stitch

Lois' other brimmed hat

Lois’ other brimmed hat

Hopefully my next hat, from 2012 Simply Knitting

Hopefully my next hat, from 2012 Simply Knitting

We welcomed a newbie to Wednesday Night Knitting. Amber is working on a kidlet short-sleeved sweater with a yoke that has a diamond pattern, from a Sirdar leaflet.

newbie Amber and Sirdar sweater

newbie Amber and Sirdar sweater

Ethel made an Alan Dart troll from the Simply Knitting September Christmas issue.

Special Christmas issue of Simply Knit

Special Christmas issue of Simply Knit

Ethel with Alan Dart troll, slightly modified

Ethel with Alan Dart troll, slightly modified

She changed the look of the troll somewhat by reducing the size of its head and arms, and changing its nose and losing the beard. She still wants it to have a beard, but not such a bulky one.

I finished the pleated skirt for an 18-inch doll. Here is Texas Girl modeling it and the purse I finished last week.

knitted doll clothes

knitted doll clothes

Ethel found a new book with Nicky Epstein doll knit patterns.

Doll patterns

Doll patterns

Last week some of us attended the opening of a new art gallery in town.

Gallery opening

Gallery opening

Trendy new gallery on 6th Street

Trendy new gallery on 6th Street

The director of Gallery Protocol is actually Amber’s very close personal friend and husband. We enjoyed the phantasmagorical works on display, the “Fermenter” studios in back, the friendly young patrons with their enthusiasm for the arts and expression of all sorts.

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