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This goes out to our former group member Kerrie, who had a birthday today. We miss you Kerrie! Interestingly enough, besides Kerrie, 3 other knitting groupies have had birthdays in the past month. Are people who were born under the sign of Leo natural needlework divas? I thought so.


Rachel contemplates a new project in crochet


Lois asks Ethel for some clarification in her sock project

cat in bag

Grayzie tries to dive in nose-first

cat in bag

how about this bag?

cat in bag

Wait, here’s another one! MMMMMMM….


I got up to “L” on the Martin Storey blanket

Hope everyone with a happy summer birthday feels renewed and ready to roar in a new year, full of great new needlework! XD


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Aargh! Eskimimi Makes’ 5th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week has started and I didn’t realize it til I saw this post from CaityRosey! Thanks, Caity!

I’ll start with Day 1 (even tho it’s already the 3rd day) which topic is “A Day in the Life of…”

Knitted Wall Hanging

Alp Wall Hanging at the end of the hall

My name is Wally Alp. Click here if you want to see the Ravelry version of how I came to be. I hang out at the end of the hall, which you might think is a remote space, but buddy, I see a lot.

wall hanging

view of the empty boxes

I get to stare at a bunch of empty boxes sitting on top of a generator. Not very pretty, but sometimes the owners need to send stuff to some of their seventeen grandchildren, and they keep a stockpile of boxes right across from me. Better than a view of a parking lot, I guess!

Alp Wall hanging and Audobon print

Better view; 1937 Audubon print: Florida Jay

View on this side is much better, the Florida Jay print, drawn by John J. Audubon, and a shelf of old DVDs.

guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Today the woman who lives here brought a bundle of sheets in to the guest bedroom right here, and made up the bed. Maybe a guest is coming! Who might be coming? Great grandma? The twins? That granddaughter with the wavy golden hair and the chipped front tooth? That cute young couple with the toddler who likes Curious George?

wall hanging

Sewing and working room

The woman who lives here comes through this door A LOT! She goes in there to sew, to get yarn and patterns, and she goes in there to help people find answers to their family history questions. She keeps the door closed to keep the cats out.

cat space

cat lying in wait

The cats see this little space below me as a waiting area, until such time as their momma comes out of the sewing room. Sometimes they have a long wait!

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Surprise… at Knitting tonight everybody worked on what they worked on last week!

shawls, knit and crochet

Ethel and Lois, with same shawls


Tricia and white sparkly yarn


crocheted hat

Kerrie reworked the crocheted hat


Here’s a new one, Ethel’s Rainbow loom starburst or sunburst bracelet

Jalie bathing suit

And Ethel made this cool Jalie bathing suit

knitting books

Tricia’s latest Friends of Library acquisitions


We dedicate this session to the memory of Bob



Bob went to sleep with his ancestors, Dad Oscar and Mom Nacho, after a bout with pancreatitis returned. He had a painful Easter weekend, having become  weak in the back legs, and he was just furry skin and bones. His autopsy revealed that he had an inoperable brain tumor on his pituitary gland, rare for a cat. He was an awesome cat! He was also the subject of (I think) my most-viewed post, the Weekly Photo Challenge: Love. We love you, sweet Bob!

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Fair-Isle knit tote bag

blocking the Fair-Isle knit bag

Posting this nearly completed tote bag in the hopes that it heralds the end of winter. This was the Winter Olympics Knit-along project that Carol from Yarnworks put together. I certainly loved it to pieces and I’m very proud of myself for doing Fair-Isle knitting in such a distinctive set of patterns! And I love, love, love the I-cord bind-off around the top, it’s smashing; it segues right into the I-cord strap. I got all the yarn in a kit with instructions (part of which didn’t photocopy hence the partial red stripe on the white mountains, but I’m ok with it) so I didn’t have a skein sleeve to tell me what brand of yarn it was or even if it is wool. I figured it was nice yarn, after all, Yarnworks put it together, duh! Now, after soaking it in warm water to block the finished article, I know it is wool because it has that wet fur smell!

But now it’s time to look forward to some spring and summer projects, don’t you think? As if just the act of working on a spring lovely will bring gorgeous weather about!

books to read

books to read

The new lean, extra thirsty Bob

The new lean, extra thirsty Bob

Sneaky Pauly, lurking in the background

Sneaky Pauly, lurking in the background

gray cat with thumbs

Stella with her “hands” folded



The cats are showing signs of cabin fever. Oh, wait, they’re inside cats; cabin fever doesn’t apply to them at all, I guess I’m the one.

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At Wednesday Night Knitting we knitted and nattered about current fibery happenings. I’ve been busy and not wanting to drive at night, so I’ve missed the last two monthly meetings of the Gainesville Handweavers’ Guild. In September, the program was all about Ginger Clark’s (of local Ewephoric Fibers) recent Patagonia Cashmere experiences. I was reading the latest issue of Spin-off, and happened to see this gorgeous ad for Golding spinning paraphernalia featuring Ginger Clark! She’s nationwide!

Ginger Clark ad in Fall 2013 Spin-off

Ginger Clark ad in Fall 2013 Spin-off

2013 Fall issue

2013 Fall issue

I also missed October’s meeting. One of the guild members filled me in on that session, which was presented by local PhD student Carlee Forbes, about Woven Raffia in the Kongo, part of a current exhibition at the Harn Museum, called Kongo Across the Waters. This project was a collaboration between the Harn Museum and the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium. Luckily the exhibit will still be up at the Harn for a while, and the Guild plans another African textiles presentation at January’s meeting, The History of Indigo in Africa.

Meanwhile, we worked on our projects: Ethel on her hat, vest, and a new blue knitted project.

Ethel's new blue bamboo and silk project

Ethel’s new blue bamboo and silk project

Auracania vest for a boy

Auracania vest for a boy

more of Ethel's hat

more of Ethel’s hat

IMG_0925 I finished a doll’s purse.

Trisha and

Trisha and the beautiful afghan of many colors

Trisha worked on her afghan some more. Isn’t it looking grand? She told us she had to frog and redo the whole row she did last week because she got a color out of sync. Daylight savings time had us nodding and yawning.
Bob's dreaming of wooly times

Bob’s dreaming of wooly times

Grayzie's shutting out the nattering

Grayzie’s shutting out the nattering

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Boo! Ethel and I spent Halloween Night gorging on–er, I mean, politely picking over–the candy and, of course, knitting. We had a few trick-or-treaters. My favorite exchange of the evening:

Me, to little boy dressed as Spider Man: Here, do you like Pixie Sticks? I think you need some more Pixie Sticks.
His sister, dressed as a witch, raising her hand: I think I need some more Pixie Sticks too!

Sister had a pillow case for a treat bag; she was no slouch.

Ethel showed off the crocheted spider web she had used as a trunk-or-treat decoration the previous night. She used some new lace needles that she likes and bought at Yarnworks. Addi’s? If you’re curious about what needles knitters who voted in this poll like best, here’s Reader’s Choice Favorite Needles for 2012.

Ethel’s spooky trunk decor

Imagine this with eccentric music playing in the background—oooh! We saw several of our fellow knitters at the Trunk or Treat party including Trish, Kelly, Lisa, Beth Y with new baby and Beth L with new baby, dressed as a cute football!

Ethel worked on the Claire sweater, having finished the matching hat but also having lost it in the shuffle of getting a new car.

Ethel with sweater and Evil Halloween Cat

Hope you find the hat soon, the grandkiddies are getting cold up there in the frozen North! Oh, and you won’t see a pic of what I’ve been knitting since I’ve had to RIP IT OUT and start over….

Ethel brought back a book from Utah, Where Safety Lies, written by her uncle.

Ethel with her uncle’s memoir

Doesn’t your aunt look a lot like you?

Ethel and I took a field trip Monday to go to the annual Friends of the Library sale. I tend to go for the non-fiction so I didn’t even touch the fiction islands and skirted the children’s books. My grandkids don’t much like to read anyway. Me, I like a good book.

My haul from FOL

From left to right, clockwise: Son of Stitch ‘N Bitch by Debbie Stoller (knitting for MEN!), The Cooking of Provincial France and The Cooking of the British Isles, some Time Life cook books to add to my collection. I also scored Scandinavian Cooking, which Ethel has borrowed. Feng Shui Beauty by Billy Yamaguchi, The Sivananda Companion to Yoga, Complete Guide to Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Stress Relief. You Being Beautiful, another one of those Roizen/Oz books I love to read for the wisecracks and cute illustrations among all the medical and DIY advice. American Yoga by Carrie Schneider (a coffee-table book). Lilias! Yoga Gets Better With Age, by Lilias Folan. My mom, who was a physical therapist, used to watch Lilias’ yoga program on TV and I would pose right along with them. As a kid, Bow Pose was my favorite! Hooked on Cats by Joan Moshimer: I didn’t want to, but I felt compelled to get this book about rug hooking with a cat theme. Could it be because I have a bunch of wool remnants and rug-hooking paraphernalia stashed in one of my sewing room barrels? I Nu Yasha, a blank book to draw Manga or write in, The Complete Elf Quest Book 3 by Wendy & Richard Pini, Sulky Secrets to Successful Quilting by Joyce Drexler, to add to my Sulky sewing book collection. The Whole of Nature and the Mirror of Art, Images of Alchemy from the Roy G. Neville Historical Chemical Library, a Japanese ribbon art book–in Japanese, The Parent’s Tao te Ching, Making School Clothes for Boys and Girls (circa 1970) by Irene Cumming Kleeberg. I enjoyed googling Kleeberg and finding some interesting things about her, and last but not least, Juicing for Life by Calbom & Keane. Good shopping for cheapskate me: all this for just under $30. And all can be recycled back to FOL to end up in some other crazy old cat lady’s shopping cart next year!

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After a short vacay, Wednesday Night Knitting resumed last night and we knit ourselves back in our groooves. Yeah!

Ethel brought her fancy new Nikon camera –maybe she will also take up blogging? Or perhaps photography as an art form in itself? The possibilities are endless.

She also brought the finished bag.

Ethel and Entrelac knit bag

How gorgeous it turned out, felted Noro with its I-cord strap and silky fabric lining!

She showed us her new afghan from knitted cotton squares.

Ethel’s afghan WIP

Now is the perfect time to get some patriotic crafting plans underway, with Independence Day soon. And Flag Day even sooner. Flag Day always slips by unheralded, then I redouble my efforts so as to have something red, white, and blue for July 4 (in my mind, anyway–in reality, I’m a patriotic holiday deadbeat slacker; I really just like to hang around like a beached whale or go to someone else’s party).

Ethel said knitting the individual squares, with double-pointed-needles, is already getting to be a drag…but she does get through one right quick! And she is experimenting with the self-striping sugar and cream, to see if the stripe pattern will work out ok, rather than change colors from separate balls to have complete control over where the stripes in each square begin and end.

a granny square, not exactly; it’s knit

As you can see from the pic, this project has Vanna White’s name all over it. We’ve been watching her show on TV a lot lately –it’s College Week on Wheel of Fortune—and DH is really impressed at how Vanna White turns over those letters so purposefully when the students guess a correct letter. As an engineer, he knows that modern technology can provide for the letters to just turn themselves over, but not as magnificently as Vanna White can get the job done. Vanna White, Knitter, Designer, Television Star, Diva!

Lois worked on more beautiful hats.

Lois with blue velvet ribbon-trimmed hat

Satin ribbon-trimmed hat

Lois has been knitting in another club at the Atrium, making lots of hats for people who’ve been going through chemotherapy.

bebe sweater in progress

I thought I was ready to start assembling the parts to the baby sweater for #18 grandchild, but alas, I discovered I’d knitted two left fronts. Grrr. Am I ever not going to be a knitting idiot? Never mind, a few rip-its and re-do’s and it was fixed. I bought this as a kit; it included buttons, yarn and a pattern for a wrap sweater in 3 baby sizes; I think it was this Cotton Kisses; a very soft, slubby Plymouth yarn with a silky strand.

Woke up this morning and the girl cats were at each other’s throats.



They were hissing, biting each other in the neck, wind-milling, and whipping around the house growling like a train whistle.

DH: “Stella, shame on you! That’s your sister Pauly. Even if she is evil and a harlot…”

To get the full effect, go to Itunes and listen to Sharrie Williams singing “Jealousy, it is a bad disease…”

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