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Ethel and her new phone (and towel hanger WIP)

Great knitting meeting this week!

Tricia worked on a sparkly white scarf

Tricia worked on a sparkly white scarf

Tricia took a wash cloth pattern and extended it into a scarf!


Elizabeth’s crochet components

Elizabeth worked on an afghan in what she calls “granny strips”–her version of Granny squares, except they are long strips. The new purple strip will soon have a light lavender center. She will probably edge these in black.

cable afghan

Lois’s afghan, two panels-at- a -time cable construction

Lois is also making an afghan, with two long center panels. It’s easier when you make the same thing, two-at-a-time, she says.

cable needle

Lois likes this cable needle best so far

knitted blanket

Martin Storey blanket

The cats interfered with my new project, a knitted blanket from the Aran and Celtic Children’s book. One block at a time, in Rowan felted tweed yarn, with intarsia alphabet letters in each block. Ethel showed me how to weave in the intarsia loops that are formed on the back. (I took a little break from the Sophie Tunic—I’ll be back…) To see Martin Storey’s Fall/Winter brochure from Rowan look at this you-tube vid here.

wash cloth

Rachel and cotton knit cloth

So what’s on your needles this fine summer night?


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Three of us stole a little time together knitting, after a hiatus and in the middle of life-altering events! Some of us are back from vacation, some of us have had houseguests. One of us has a two-year old who’s just been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes 😦 . One of us had a lightning strike and lost almost all her household  appliances.

Meanwhile, Ethel got interested in a new needle-art form:

Freeform Crochet

Freeform Crochet


Looks very intriguing!

Lois finished her teal green shawl. We get to observe Lois making lots of hats, shawls, afghans, and other beautiful objects. But then they disappear off her radar and we don’t always find out where they went, because she doesn’t like to jump into the limelight. But her creations go to folks at the Atrium, a local assisted-living facility, family members, and friends who might be staying in a local hospital or rehabilitation center in which overzealous air-conditioning necessitates a warm blankie.


Lois and her new project, a white cable-knit afghan



We live in Florida, and in the summer IT IS HOT. So we love it when we have someone to knit for who might appreciate warm woolies, and also tropical-friendly fibers that are nice to knit with in our climate.

Ethel and her new project, a kitchen towel hanger

Ethel and her new project, a kitchen towel hanger


We’re in the second week of July and already the stores are full of fall stuff. The seasons are racing along. What are you knitting this summer? Have you started on fall/winter projects yet? What is your favorite summer knitting project?


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Wednesday Night Knitting was for a fleeting moment, playing catch-up.



Lois brought more teal yarn to work on. Rachel brought nothing yarn-y but we talked genealogy.



Ethel flew east.



Kerry is soon flying west…

Amy brought a potential wedding dress.

wedding dress

wedding dress

Yes, I’m still on the Sophie tunic.

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Watching Mars Attacks while finishing up the knitting blog post. A Tim Burton movie always heightens my perspective about anything. I can only gaze in wide wonder…wow!

smug Pauly reveling in the lap of Ethel

smug Pauly reveling in the lap of Ethel

Lois looking at Ethel's Vikings book, an early Mother's Day present

Lois looking at Ethel’s Vikings book, an early Mother’s Day present

knitted scarf

Ethel’s magnificent knitted scarf


Kerrie’s pedicure

rainbow loom bracelet

Kerrie’s daughter made a rainbow loom bracelet for Ethel

Rainbow Loom booklet

New mag shows loomed robots, penguins, phone cases

new outfit

Ethel and new outfit


and new glasses





































the time passed quickly


I went back to knitting and Martian mayhem.

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Tomorrow is May Day, today was beautiful, and in the evening we celebrated …

spring trees

trees budding

Confederate Jasmine

intoxicating smell of Confederate Jasmine

Sabal palm

new growth

spring plants

new tendrils reaching

lush foliage

lush foliage

tree in bloom

tree in bloom

crocheted shawl

Lois was crocheting a new shawl

I was almost through with the back of the Sophie tunic

I was almost through with the back of the Sophie tunic

Jerilynn and Ethel pressed on with their projects

Jerilynn and Ethel pressed on with their projects

We had a pretty productive last day of April!

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Today was a bit nippy for our spring; the temperature was quite a bit lower than the usual 80’s we’ve been experiencing! “How chilly was it?” you ask? About 58 degrees F. Brrrr!

Nevertheless, we did some needlework.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got a new issue of Love of Knitting in the mail, with summer knitting projects! But what am I doing? A Christmas project (Sofie Tunic, see last few posts).

Sofie Tunic Signing out far

Sofie Tunic so far

toddler sweater dress

Sofie Tunic with size 2 needles

Tricia with white sparkly yarn

Tricia with white sparkly yarn


















You may be able to see Rachel there in the background, knitting.

Ethel's Rainbow Loom bracelets

Ethel’s Rainbow Loom bracelets









Ethel, always teaching, showed the younger ones a thing or two on the needles. They made some wonderful Rainbow Loom necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of cool things.







She said she’d never seen anyone take to knitting as easily as that one little girl… 🙄


Ethel patiently taught the younger needlers














Meanwhile, DH was working in the shop, turning little round boxes on the lathe, out of downed branches from the yard.



wooden box

tooth fairy box #1

wooden box

tooth fairy box #2














Fabulous fun! What do you want to do next time?

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Echoing other bloggers and their mahhhvelous posts…



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So that’s my little round-up of interesting posts, images, things to think about (per Zero to Hero Day 23)

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