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Fleurs por moi? sniff, sniff.

Fleurs por moi? sniff, sniff.

Ethel showed up for Wednesday Night Knitting with May Day flowers, how beautiful! Grayzie immediately assumed the responsibility, which he does not take lightly, of knocking over the vase. It was finally lodged in a place of relative safety on the counter, and all the cats and humans settled back in flower appreciation mode!

We shared what we’ve been working on.

Ethel's Shrug

Ethel’s Shrug

Lois' Fingerless Gloves

Lois’ Fingerless Gloves

Ethel has been crocheting a lot lately. This shrug is her own design, perhaps inspired by lots of recent Pinterest and magazine surfing? Lois took up her partially-knitted gloves and felt that now was a fine time to finish working on them. They are knitted of a soft red and maroon striping sock yarn, with a single-crocheted edging next to the fingers.

I don’t have to tell you what I’ve been working on, do I? The boucle Ghetto=mohair wrap, still. DH has been heard lately, sweetly prompting me, “Why don’t you lay that thing aside for a while and do something quick and fun?” I think even he is tired of seeing the same old thing on my lap.

my possible future project

my possible future project

Rhetus gave me some hats she’d bought on ebay for us to look at. She really is a Wednesday Night Knitter at heart, but has yet to physically come to a meeting. The first step is to join us in spirit, which she has done! Here are some of the lovelies she shared with us.

Italian beret

Italian beret

homemade beret with llamas

homemade beret with llamas

made in China

made in China

We celebrated with a little cookie decadence. Happy May Day Knitting to you!

clockwise from upper left: Belgian chocolate 2-bite brownies (me), triple-chocolate cupcake (Lois), and raspberry-filled cookies (Ethel)

clockwise from upper left: Belgian chocolate 2-bite brownies (me), triple-chocolate cupcake (Lois), and raspberry-filled cookies (Ethel)

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At the closing week of March 2012, what have you needleworkers knitted or crocheted so far this year?

Lois worked on a pink hat tonight, the color of a beautiful spring tulip.

Lois and pink hat

Ethel finished two crocheted baskets for Easter egg collecting.

Ethel and baskets of her own design

One, for a granddaughter, is embellished with a flower, and the other, for a grandson, is embellished with a puppy. Ethel designed these from that well of creative necessity that sprang up when she realized THEY ARE COMING! SOON! LIKE, THIS WEEK! She also began working on a cotton wash cloth for the boy, to go with the set of guest towels she bought for the vacationers coming to stay.

wash cloth for a boy

I worked on fingerless gloves in the Queensland Kathmandu pink tweed that I got at Yarn Basket in Winter Haven. I’ve made three trips there in the past year (Winter Haven is 3 hour drive from my house) and on my last trip, I picked up the last pink tweed skein. The online yarn sites that carried this yarn in the past, if they had ANY of this particular color, say that it is no longer available. So I will sadly say that this is my last project from this luscious wool, silk and cashmere blend.

fingerless gloves

I’m hoping to get these done tomorrow and sent off for an Easter present.

Meanwhile, DH finished his project, the Stickley “Eastwood” chair.

DH's Stickley chair

He said Gustav Stickley called it his throne. Of all the incredible things DH can do with wood, he especially loves the Stickley designs with their clean, spare Mission lines. I want to make some Arts and Crafts textile pieces to go with the room–we especially like the gingko motif right now, but I found some interesting applique designs too, at Secrets of Embroidery.com.

Here’s a pic of the box of yarn that was left on my driveway. Is anyone going to own up to leaving it for me? THANK YOU for the treasure! I am pondering the uses of it. Maybe a spring sweater?

anonymous gift of yarn

Let me know what you created for your spring holidays with your magic needles!

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Wednesday Night Knitting started off slow. Again, I had nothing to show for the week, since my project kept coming out WRONG and I had to rip it, rip it, rip it. But when the knitters came over, things began to get better and better, and by the end of the night I was floating on a cloud of knitting confidence and hope! soft alpaca/wool/bamboo Ethel brought me a “hostess gift” of 2 skeins of Maylla Peruvian yarn in alpaca, wool, and bamboo blend. “Not my colors,” she said, “but they are yours!” Hmm, remember those Color Me Beautiful parties people used to have where you draped the silver or gold scarf across your shoulders to see if you were a “warm” or “cold” color personality? And then you were one of the 4 color seasons and yep, I was dubbed Autumn. The yarn label says maylla is a Quechan word meaning wonder, abundance. I found this site with some lovely, artisan apparel Peruvian fashions for spring to ponder, check it out! Oops, I digress!

progress on my cable headband

Ethel also brought along some double-pointed needles in a size 4 and some other knitting paraphernalia she’d scored at Tuesday Morning. Treats for the taking, thank you! Then Lois showed up with some chocolate! My mood was improving all around. Lois showed a hairpin lace doily that possibly her mom had made.

Hairpin lace and chocolate from Lois

Tina came with a loom project; we were happy to spend what few Wednesdays we may have left to associate with her before she moves to North Carolina. Her husband was chosen as president of a small college there, a great career move for him! And it’s exciting to talk about how when she gets to her new home, she will only have to travel a few hours north to get to DC, a few hours south to get back to FL! And the beaches! And the mountains! Tina, you will have to round up some knitters in NC and start a new group.

Lois is making fine progress on her fingerless gloves!

Lois' gloves

We were also thrilled to see on Facebook that one of her Fair Isle hats was in England this week for spring break, on top of Lori’s pretty head!

Ethel worked on another poncho

Ethel and poncho #2

after having sought collaboration with the staff at Yarnworks to find a match for the alpaca she started out with. An excellent match, don’t you think? We believe that in time, whenever one looks up “poncho” on a Google search, up will come an image of Ethel pulling a face.

Tiffany also made fine progress on a soft yellow blanket, finishing a border and starting on a lacy pattern within the border.

Tiffany and blanket so far

Sure, the blanket is an appropriate size NOW, but what about when the babies are born? They are growing exponentially, let’s hope the blanket(s) keep pace…

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Wednesday Night Knitting’s first February session of 2012 had many of us knitting the same old’s, but we seem to get renewed energy when we meet together. Ethel finished the lamb on site, adding legs she had knitted and stuffed with little pieces of wooden dowel, to keep little fat lambie erect in posture, as he tended to plump down onto his tummy when stood up straight.

Ethel and lamb (before legs)

Lamb standing

I found these haggis-flavored potato crisps at Fresh Market, a post-Burns’ night (see last week’s post) treat which lists haggis* as one of the ingredients. The taste–to echo the recommendation of the cashier–is “a little weird”, but not repulsive at all: “nae skinking ware That jaups in luggies” to say the least!

haggis crisps

We washed it down with some chocolate Lindor truffles.

chocolate chasers

Debbie continued working on a fluffy baby blanket.

Deb and blanket, with Pauly guarding

Lois and socks

Lois began working on the ribbed cuff of a sock, trying to keep it from sliding off into oblivion by keeping it on regular needles until absolutely necessary to change to dpn’s or to put the two socks together on a magic loop.

Tiffany and basketweave stitch afghan

Tiffany came to join us again! We always have wonderful conversations about sports, historical dating practices, pregnancy, travel, Colin Firth, and loads of fun things with Tiffany, who will soon be finding out whether her upcoming twins will be boys, girls, or both!

Ethel with poncho

Ethel continued working on the poncho of many skeins, which is now very thick and long but needs to be 5 or 6 inches longer. I worked on the fingerless gloves–maybe by next week I can lay down that burdensome size 1 circular needle and say I’m finished.

fingerless gloves in self-striping "Carnival" sock yarn

Ethel got these gorgeous flowers last week!

still life

*sorry, it actually lists “haggis and cracked black pepper seasoning” in the ingredients, not pure haggis.

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It was an excellent session at Wednesday Night Knitting: Tina made mad progress on her cable-loomed project.

Tina and super-long cable-knit scarf on loom

As you can see, the project is coming along well.

Ethel and poncho

Ethel worked on the poncho, in a warm 30% wool charcoal gray chunky yarn. Lois continued working on some fingerless gloves in a luscious mauve mohair.

Glove in progress

And I continued the scrunchie handwarmers from Designer One Skein Wonders.

scrunchie handwarmer, in progress

DH and I took a little mini-vacation last weekend, and checked out the local yarnies.

Four Purls in Winter Haven, Florida

Four Purls is a warm and wonderful shop we visited on the first Saturday in January. I snagged some interesting fiber, things I haven’t seen at my regular haunts. The shop is in the downtown area where lots of quaint antique stores and fashionable-looking eateries abound. I was invited in to see and feel to my heart’s content, by some friendly lasses (one of whom I’d met at the 2011 Florida Fiber In), and as I meandered around the perimeter shelves overflowing with color and tactile wonderment, oohing and ahhing to myself at the lusciousness of their wares, a group of women, young and middle-aged, were chatting and knitting in the center lounge area amid comfy, colorful and eclectic chairs and cushions. Love!
I also had to pay a visit to Yarn Basket to get some more of that pink tweed Kathmandu yarn. Sigh, Elsa had one skein left! That shop was also having a group knit-along when I showed up. Saturday seems like an odd time to group knit, to me–Wednesday seems juuuust right.

Stash snaggle from Winter Haven

In case you wanted to know, the stash includes, clockwise from top left, Juniper Moon Findley 50% merino, 50% silk in Serendipity (pink); the Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK merino, silk, cashmere blend; Cascade Yarns Dolly (black cotton, acrylic, nylon with “taggies”); Sprinkles gray white and black acrylic; Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn; Berocco Remix, the green yarn made of 100% recycled fibers in a nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk and linen blend; and in the middle a skein of grey Maggi Knits Irish MK Collection cotton-linen blend.

We were here, somewhere between Tampa and Orlando...

DH looked aside and said, "You think that might be a BAR?"

The scenery is magnificent. Did you know that oranges grow on trees? Millions, billions of them! They grow on trees, in the dead of winter! Amazing.

Mile after mile of trees ornamented with juicy oranges!

Mother Nature might surprise us with a few chilly days in January. We are running around central Fl with scarves around our necks but flip-flops on our feet!

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Last night was a great night for getting back on track with our knitting projects. Ethel worked on the Amber hat she had started (remember this pic from a September blog post?)

Amber Hat from Louisa Harding book

Ethel has it all finished except for the blanket stitch around the brim to conceal the metal ring, and the flowers, which will be in a very similar but not exactly the same yarn. And she showed us the beginnings of a cape or poncho, in a gorgeous complementary mix of brown alpaca and acrylic yarns.

Debbie sewing the seams on a machine-knit sweater

Debbie sat down and realized she hadn’t brought any needles. No problem; she took the machine-knit sweater out of her bag and sewed up the seams. Here’s a close up of the hem and stitch pattern the machine did.

sweater close-up

She brought along some new Patons Lacy Sequin yarn, and several new books and mags to keep us amused and informed. My favorite was Knit Simple Knits Plus, a Vogue mag, and I liked almost everything in it.

Cossack hat from Folk Hats

I finished the cossack hat from Ethel’s book Folk Hats. Ethel also gave me the skein of bulky yarn that I used for this. Great to have fiber-friends!

Lisa working on baby hat

Lisa came to knit after a long hiatus, yay! She got back on track and worked on the brim of a baby hat in the round. Good to hear about what she’s been up to and express our support for her new career path!

Hat by Lois

Lois showed us a new finished hat, and gave us a look at something new she’s been working on: fingerless gloves. She got a pattern from one of the vendors at the Florida Fiber In.

Lois' variations of fingerless mitts; pink, gray and purple

Ceramic yarn bowl

Ethel demonstrated the use of her ceramic “yarn bowl”–a sought-after accessory for us fiber diva’s who want to keep CONTROL over that wandering thread…Brooke Madsen had some yarn bowls at one time on her etsy link, Magnolia Pottery, but I don’t see any currently. Check out some of her beautiful items for sale there!

little pouch for felting

Last is my little wool pouch, in stockinette with an I-cord loop, ready to be felted before I attach a button. Stitched in Universal Yarn Inc.’s Chunky 100% Wool from Tuesday Morning, in Coral, and a pattern from One Skein Wonders. And, if you would care to see what I’ve done recently using felted sweaters, check out my sewing blog post at Remnant Redo. Re-purposing sweaters is a most rewarding pastime!

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