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We had a newbie at Knitting this week! I think she had fun because there was a lot of laughing going on as she began mastering long-tail cast-on stitches.

Newbie Shauna gets the drift from Ethel

You tube has an amazing collection of videos on almost every aspect of knitting, Shauna, and Ethel might even make a house-call if you get in a bind before next time! Needless to say, we had a great evening.

Lois came to knit, and almost finished a new gator hat during the evening.

Orange! Blue! Orange! Blue!

Ethel was working on a snake for her grandson’s new bedroom theme: Savannah.

Snake pattern from Vogue Knitting Felting Book

Ethel with Lion brand Fisherman’s wool for snake

Ethel went shopping at Tuesday Morning and got the pick of the new yarn shipment. She got me some Rozetti sequin green lace yarn and an interesting Jewel skein with sparkles. Thank you!

Captivating green lace-weight

Jewel in green

She also got herself some sequined black and some Jewel in Riviera (a purple). Mmmmm, the possibilities!

I worked on the pink cabled slouch hat from last week, still. I love the way the yarn, with its 3 plies of white and one very thin, seemingly insignificant strand of red, makes the whole thing appear pink.

A little more done on the cabled slouch

Lois brought in some watermelon to share and a couple of possible future project ideas:

A knitted burger with everything on it

Guess what this is?

Lois had us all rolling with the picture of the knitted lab rat. Wouldn’t that be so much better than dissecting the real thing? “Mom, I forgot to tell you we have to dissect an animal in biology tomorrow–do you think you can knit me an effigy of one tonight so I can bring that to class instead?”

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At Wednesday Knitting we looked at more little animals like Ethel’s rat

Ethel's rat

from Debi Birkin. Lois started off with a guinea pig modified to a hamster, but needed to refine the size of its head. Check out Birkin’s patterns; how lifelike! Ethel has also discovered the toymaking genius of Alan Dart, and bought his book to make some fun presents for someone…

Lois with hamster in progress

Lois is interested in several hat patterns Ethel found; stay tuned for a hat marathon at a future meeting.

Mmmmm--great ideas!

Meanwhile, Ethel tried out a pattern for a facecloth with the exfoliating fibers of hemp in the yarn. Skin-deep beautiful! However, she thinks the cleansing properties of the hemp will be further enhanced by using a cloth made in the Bee stitch. Nice and scratchy on the pores of summer! Yeah!

Exfoliating face cloths

I had to make another detour on Maelo’s sweater, but luckily Yarnworks had another skein of the Louisa Harding Kashmir DK or I would have been manic-depressive! Hopefully he will get to wear it eventually. 🙂 While I was there, I snagged some Debbie Bliss wool to make a felted project for next time.

Bob, blissfully kneading the Debbie Bliss wool/angora blend

It was rather expensive, but necessary to get the natural fiber so it will felt and shrink. I finished the Jilly doll from a kit that was included in Let’s Knit, a very fun and lively British knitting magazine I found at the Border’s in Provo. Although I’ve never been a fan of knitted toys and dolls, this one changed my mind because it was so easy (they advertised, “knit it tonight” but it took me 3 weeks) and it was like a game I felt drawn into playing. Why not? To keep the game afoot, you can go to their website and download a pattern for a purse for Jilly. We’re like a bunch of little girls with our little Jilly dolls! I like how they measured the strands of yarn so exactly and cautioned the reader “Make yarn ends as short as possible when casting on and casting off” or you won’t have enough yarn. I took this seriously and re-cast on each color about 20 times to make sure I had the shortest possible yarn end.

Jilly and kit from Let's Knit magazine

Tina loomed more stitches onto the [future felted] brown purse and pleaded, “Don’t take any more pictures of this!” She updated us on the kitchen remodel and said that the lowers were ready — cabinets, that is. We introduced Tina to the knitting icon Alice Starmore through some of her delectable picture books and through Adrienne Martini’s Sweater Quest. Ms Martini=always good reading. Ms Starmore=good reading and eye candy and dreams of someday being good at it (knitting!)

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