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Stopping by to knit on a springy evening…

Tricia, starting a scarf to match

Tricia, starting a scarf to match

knitted mittens and snood

matching mittens and snood

crocheted shawl

Lois and her Crocheted Shawl

knitted cape

Ethel and cape

yarn UFO's

Sadly, Rachel’s knitted potholder-in-progress met with foul play

And my Sofie Tunic was a victim of cat sabotage

And my Sofie Tunic was a victim of cat sabotage

fixing knitting

But Ethel was able to fix them both!

And now I can sleep in peace! Thank you, knitting friends!


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Attention, fiber-holics! This time, the post begins with a paper craft.

origami jumping frog

Ethel’s origami jumping frog

Ethel searched around to find the perfect paper to make an origami jumping frog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then she worked on a hat.

knitted hat

Ethel and hat

knitted scarf

Rachel and scarf











Rachel joined us and worked on a scarf for one of her twins.

doll sweater and hat

Jogless Jenny sweater and rib-knit skull cap










I finished (almost, still need to apply snaps at the shoulder) the doll’s sweater and hat from Simply Stylish.

For Zero to Hero 18, I added a new format I’ve never used before, the slide show!

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Wednesday Night we did more nattering than knitting.



Ethel did finish a right-angle weave bead bracelet. Beautiful cobalt and crystal! IMG_0454

I am looking (but not too strenuously) for a scarf pattern that uses 4 different yarns. I thought I could use tags to search my pattern library on ravelry.com, but so far I haven’t found any key words that, when entered, yield the search result I would be pleased with.

Anyway, I’ve been busy stripping wallpaper in the bathroom.

somebody's gotta do it...

somebody’s gotta do it…

So what do you think I should do with the bathroom walls after I finish stripping them?

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This week has been a bit confusing and over the top re: holidays. Gotta love America’s melting pot of holidays! On the 10th it was a celebration of Chinese New Year. Time for some General Tso’s chicken. My DH and I always argued about whether it was General Tso or General Tao. He asked one of his graduate students and she said it could be either one, but that it’s really not something you’d eat in China. It’s American Chinese food.

Tuesday it was Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday. Here the Mardi Gras meal includes King Cake, a sweet yeast-dough ring cake with a cinnamon-sugar filling and purple, green and gold frosting. I’ve read in other blogs that on Shrove Tuesday, folks always eat pancakes. Today is Valentine’s Day and the hustle/bustle is all about luuvvv. Chocolate! One of our fellow gym class members met us at the door this morning with this little treat.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday is our local Gold & Green Ball. Click on this page to see more Gold & Green Ball. Without holidays, what would we do with our time and money?

But that brings me around to yesterday’s “holiday,” Wednesday Night Knitting. Ethel brought chocolate-covered pomegranate pips with which to celebrate. Woo hoo!

chevron scarf with 2 yarns

chevron scarf with 2 yarns

The scarf pattern Ethel chose is a variation of this one in Creative Knitting.
scarf pattern inspiration

scarf pattern inspiration

she used a 100% merino tweedy twist and then half of the scarf has a strand of green sparkly Stacy Charles Ritratto held double with the wool for a little excitement.

Lois' new pics

Lois’ new picks

Lois and Ethel discussed new possibilities for afghans. Lois tried the feather and fan, but didn’t like how the yarn bunched up. Perhaps simple stockinette would make a better blanket? Stockinette with a seed stitch border to keep the edges from curling up? Long circular needles will come in handy to keep the long rows in order. I started a kind of an afghan: the pattern is Lana Grossa’s Mohair Wrap from the Quick Knits mag. Except rather than luxurious mohair, I used Joann Sensations boucle, hence my title variation: Ghetto Mohair Wrap. I have a ton of this yarn in my stash. (“Perhaps the result of a clearance sale?” Ethel asked.) I’m not crazy about boucle yarn, however, I started knitting this and I like it a lot.
Wannabe mohair project

Ghetto mohair project

It’s a big rectangle of stockinette stitch with a wide ruffle border. With this, I have become a knitter who has “more than one project on the needles” at a time–something I could never imagine myself doing. I have evolved! Here’s another current WIP, the February sock from the Sock It To Me 2013 ravelry group. I’m also working on the Laera Shawl via Craftsy and another ruffle scarf.

Ethel's grand haul from Tuesday Morning

Ethel’s grand haul of Auraucana and Ella Rae yarn from Tuesday Morning

On the spinning front, I latched onto this antique flax wheel I found in McIntosh. It’s not quite ready to spin; it needs a drive band and the broken flyer fixed. But I’ve had a lot of fun dreaming of folks in the past who may have spun with her, and the practical projects they may have provided to their luuuvvved ones. Happy early spring holidays everyone!

flax wheel and bird cage distaff

flax wheel and bird cage distaff

flyer & bobbin

flyer & bobbin

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Go Wednesday Night Knitting! It was November 14th and we squeezed in a little knitting between all the things going on in our lives.

Trish with covered hanger

Tricia brought in a covered hanger that she not only made herself, but also designed! So creative!

finished scarf

The soft acrylic scarf in variegated fall colors is finished and ready to be gifted.

Joann’s crocheted scarf

Meanwhile, in a turnabout of events, when I gave Joann the 2 shawls, she gave me back 2 beautiful crocheted scarves that she’d made. Beautiful, consistent stitching! One is a very light pink with a silky thread throughout, and the other is black and wide, like a stole. Gorgeous!

Joann’s black crocheted stole

Perhaps it looks green or blue to you in the picture, because I went heavy on highlights so you can see the pattern a little better. It is jet black, so it will match lots of outfits, and perfect for fall weather that’s not freezing yet but carries a few chilly breezes. Thank you Joann!

Ethel and Paper Dolls fabric

Ethel brought back from her trip to Utah a set of Paper Dolls fabrics for a baby quilt. We had fun looking at the dolls and their clothes, which do fit the models.

Lois and Ethel with doll and clothes fabrics

Oohing and ahhing over Ethel’s sweater in progress

Ethel has one more sleeve and a collar to go on the garter stitch sweater for Claire, and she also has 4 other projects in progress. Lois was working on a festive green sparkly holiday beanie.
Trish started a new scarf, and I’m still on the same thing after ripping and redoing some more. Something still doesn’t seem quite right with it. Are you like Ethel, with more than a few WIP’s on the needles, or like me, AFRAID to start anything new until the current thing is finalized?

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Bob snogging my Sunday shoes



Grayzie scarfing some of dad’s Aurora apple


Wednesday Night Knitting met in the wake of Bob and Grayzie’s battle on the living room carpet, which left tufts of white hair flying around and sticking to everything, especially Grayzie’s mouth. Apparently they were “just playing” because no blood was shed and no blood-curdling moans and hisses were uttered.


It was great to see Debbie and Tricia and Kelly again! We missed Ethel, as she flew west to be with family members for her sister’s funeral.  We missed Lois, and continue to miss Tina (but thanks for the Facebook pic of giant knitting needles!)

Trish last year, working on the dish cloth

Kelly and Tricia

Kelly was working on an adorable Lorax hat (check out this one!)

Kelly and Lorax

Tricia was making a scarf in the same pattern and yarn as her dish cloth from a while back…

my er…not sure yet what it is…

I was working on what was supposed to be a little vest, but it’s so wrong. The problem is, I have a really hard time doing seed stitch; as you may be able to tell, it is a rib stitch, the opposite of a seed stitch. I was going to continue working it but Deb’s comments were sort of a wake-up call and I realize it will be a poor substitute for what I wanted it to be, so maybe it will be a doll blanket instead! I really despise working with this Sensations boucle yarn anyway. It isn’t soft, although it looks soft. Go figure!

I got this sample in the mail of Lizbeth 3 and 20 sizes of tatting yarn.

tatting yarn samples

I believe I found it on Facebook or Twitter but then I was unable to pull it up again or find it anywhere on my computer. It came from Handy Hands. The closest promotion I could find, in retrospect, for Lizbeth was on this page, for a thread holder with a sample ball included.

Deb worked on the blanket some more, and it is as beautiful as ever. Soft and gleaming!

Deb and Izzy’s blanket

We had fun hearing of her travels to Rhode Island, Boston, and Canada. Sounds like a great getaway!

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