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Surprise… at Knitting tonight everybody worked on what they worked on last week!

shawls, knit and crochet

Ethel and Lois, with same shawls


Tricia and white sparkly yarn


crocheted hat

Kerrie reworked the crocheted hat


Here’s a new one, Ethel’s Rainbow loom starburst or sunburst bracelet

Jalie bathing suit

And Ethel made this cool Jalie bathing suit

knitting books

Tricia’s latest Friends of Library acquisitions


We dedicate this session to the memory of Bob



Bob went to sleep with his ancestors, Dad Oscar and Mom Nacho, after a bout with pancreatitis returned. He had a painful Easter weekend, having become  weak in the back legs, and he was just furry skin and bones. His autopsy revealed that he had an inoperable brain tumor on his pituitary gland, rare for a cat. He was an awesome cat! He was also the subject of (I think) my most-viewed post, the Weekly Photo Challenge: Love. We love you, sweet Bob!

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It was anniversary night, of a sort, at Wednesday Night Knitting. I looked back over the blog and found that we’ve been meeting [and I’ve been knitting and blogging about us] since February 2011. When I looked back over some of our projects in the past two years, I was really pleased with us! Happy blogiversary to us! This calls for a real celebration.

Last week, while Ethel’s family was visiting, she took her daughter-in-law to our LYS, Yarnworks, and asked her to pick out some yarn and a pattern that she would like Ethel to make for her. What a great idea!

Ethel's daughter-in-law's yarn pick

Ethel’s daughter-in-law’s yarn pick

Ethel's daughter-in-law's pattern pick

Ethel’s daughter-in-law’s pattern pick

Since the yarn for this project was held double, I saw that Ethel had wound the doubled strands ahead of time into a sort of coil, rather than a ball. She was worried that the halo of the fuzzy strands would make them stick together and tangle but it was all good.

And here’s the WIP:

Ethel's alpaca hat, in progress

Ethel’s alpaca hat, in progress

Very nice alpaca! Soft and fuzzy.
Ethel also took her to a bead store where they bought the components for some earrings, and made them. Nice way to get in the running for Best Mother-in-law Ever, Ethel!

Meanwhile, Lois says she wants to join Hat Knitters Anonymous to try and cut back a step at a time. She brought along some bright, springy pink yarn and the beginnings of a feather and fan stitch afghan. IMG_0330 Great color and motif for ushering in spring, Valentine’s, possible new baby girl great-grandchild?

I did another version of the Beginner’s Socks pattern by Heather Storta that was furnished with Sock-it-to-Me 2013, the ravelry KAL group I’ve been following.

house socks in Ella Rae Amity Print

house socks in Ella Rae Amity Print

Now I’m working on the February pattern, the International Sock of Doom. They also have an additional February free pattern from Susie Q Knits for Valentine Worsted socks, with an adorable raised heart at the ankle. I’ve also started the Craftsy Mystery Knit-along, which turned out to be the Laera Shawl by Grace Akhrem. So far I’ve done a gauge swatch in prep for casting on —what? 361 teeny, tiny stitches!
Grayzie, ready to roll with the Schoppel Laceball 100

Grayzie, ready to roll with the Schoppel Laceball 100

We are going to a chili cook off and talent show this weekend. Ethel is working on a rat to enter in the show.

the rat so far

the rat so far

She’s a Norwegian rat [like Ethel :)] and this will be her cute little costume, as planned by her maker.
Norwegian rat in folk dress, Ethel's drawing

Norwegian rat in folk dress, Ethel’s drawing

She’s using an Alan Dart pattern for the body and adding her own costume design! So much fun!

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Knitting group started with Teresa, who arrived first on the scene. Then came Tina, Lois, and Ethel. Later on Debbie came by, followed by her daughter-in-law Beth. It was a pretty full house and full-tilt activity.

Stocking in progress

Teresa was well on the way to getting Christmas squared away, working on a traditional family pattern for stockings. Her mother-in-law had knitted stockings for her children, then they got married, and had children–you know how it is–and some of the children wanted stockings for their own fireplace mantles, and the mother-in-law wanted stockings for her mantle although her children were out of the nest by now. Although I may not have gotten all the details straight, lots of stockings are being knitted in the Davis family this year.

another stocking, further along

Ethel's finished lined, felted purse

Ethel finished the felted purse, and it is a beauty! “Very professionally done,” said Lois. The felting makes the purse very durable, and it has inside pockets with velcro closures in the silky lining and a magnetic clasp at the opening. And to put icing on the cake, she’s working on a sunflower embellishment out of tapestry yarn, with a brown bobble-y center. So cool!

flower embellishment for purse

Ethel showed us a new Louisa Harding pattern book

Another project for Ethel

Meanwhile, Ethel worked on a scarf? Shawl? [not sure] in a lace pattern in a stripey, mossy-green yarn. Love the green series! And attaching a post-it note with the pattern to the yarn label is genius!

Debbie and DOUBLE

Debbie showed up with an interesting new project: she’s knitting with two strands of yarn, an actual knitted fabric with a front and back, at the same time. She demonstrated it for us, but I just don’t have the words to tell you. But it looked phenomenal! Meanwhile, she worked on more socks with the 25-cent-a-skein yarn that works up in an adorable, almost gator, stripe pattern. [By “almost-gator” we mean that it’s orange and gray-blue with some other colors–but not an Auburn shade of blue].

Beth Casting on

Beth worked on socks, too, which I thought was a bold move! As a novice, I’m still kind of afraid of socks, and actually, feet in general! Go, Beth! You can do it!

Tina and I-cord

Tina worked some more on the I-cord, which is becoming massive! That is one very sturdy I-cord! And, your hair does look fabulous, I must agree!

Lois and hat

Me and hat (hat is underneath Grayzie)

Lois and I worked on hats. I hope mine looks near as good as Lois’ hats, but I’m afraid I missed with the provisional cast-on; it’s already partly unraveled so I wonder if that will make the brim uneven? Maybe next week we’ll find out.

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