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Sweater and hat

Sweater and hat

Here’s a pic of Ethel’s boy sweater and hat, from the Louisa Harding Jasmin yarn. She also finished the girl sweater and hat from the purple yarn.
Ethel's girl sweater and hat

Ethel’s girl sweater and hat

These gifts are on their way. Now, she’s finishing up some fingerless gloves to mail to a friend. BTW, have you ever searched “fingerless gloves” on Pinterest? Oh my dear heaven.

Trader Joe's holiday fare

Trader Joe’s holiday fare

Ethel went to the Grand Opening of the local Trader Joe’s and brought over some of their limited-time-only holiday triple ginger cookies.



I finished this cowl that was featured in the current Love of Knitting mag. I used Red Heart Eco-ways Bamboo yarn, color: cayenne, that I got from eBay a few years ago (gotta whittle down that stash somehow!) then I did a pocket-scarf from the same issue. I used Ester Bitran Tirua, a Chilean wool yarn. Next, I started working on the Simply Magical cowl KAL that is featured on the front cover. I am working some Jewel yarn that I already own rather than buying the Red Heart used in the published pattern, because I want to de-stash a bit.
Woolen Tirua scarf

Woolen Tirua scarf

I’ve found that holiday knitting, for me, is not a gift-turning-out process as much as a de-stress process. I know I am not making something that my intended victim, er, recipient always wanted. I guess I knit for me, because physical movement in a pattern soothes my stressed-out soul. As a little girl, I couldn’t go to sleep at night until after some form of head-banging ritual was exercised. Swinging was absolutely my favorite playground activity. As a teenager, I would go with friends to a deserted playground at night and swing while singing the lyrics to all the Beatles songs we could remember. Now, I find that working a pattern of say, “knit 2, purl 2” over and over anchors me. Maybe some day I will get good at it and people will like that I knit them things. Until then, I’m going to keep practicing.


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Luckily, we fiber divas are easily amused: just give us something long and string-y and we will have absorbing work to do for hours at a time! Ethel came, very patched up and stoked up with a new old project to work on, the Amber hat from her Louisa Harding book.

A restored-in-process and smiling Ethel

Amber hat in-progress, in baby alpaca

Amber pattern from Louisa Harding book

She also brought treasures in her bottomless, funky Trader Joe bag!

Knitting 'zines from Ethel

Ethel's stash runneth over

Yummy treats!

Tina also brought goodies for our review.

Tina's treasures: Loom Knitting books!

I had also gone somewhere and snagged a little round loom on sale:

little round loom

Tina says you can find lots of free projects to do on the looms at the Knifty Knitter (Provocraft) website. She is working on a “manly” wash cloth–that is, one with masculine-type colors like black, to go with someone’s beautiful glossy countertops in a new kitchen.

Tina's cloth in progress

I also got on a dish/facecloth phase last week. Reason one: I found a paper book at JoAnn’s by Leisure Arts, 99 Knit Stitches. Loving it, I started with the first one, Bee Stitch.

Crocheted and Bee Stitch cloths

Reason two: I found, also at JoAnn’s, another Leisure Arts leaflet Wash ‘N Wipe, with about 16 patterns for crocheted wash cloths. Reason three: I found, also at JoAnn’s, the pseudo-magazine for Liondesign 2010-2011 (sorry Ethel, this is what I erroneously told you was the Vogue Sewing pattern mag), which had an article about mixing yarns together for interesting effects; “Mixin’ It Up”. For the bee stitch cloth, I mixed Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Naturals all cotton Sonoma print with a strand of Elsebeth Lavold’s Hempathy, 34% hemp, 41% cotton and 25% modal. This is some of what Wikipedia has to say about modal:

Modal is a cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It is about 50% more hygroscopic (water-absorbent) per unit volume than cotton. It takes dye like cotton, and is color-fast when washed in warm water. Modal is essentially a variety of rayon.[1]

The stripey crocheted cloth is from Sugar ‘N Cream all cotton, as is this other crocheted one I am working on:

cotton crocheted cloth

Thanks to Ethel’s help casting on the big bobbles, I worked on a scarf? Collar? Wallet? We’ll have to see what the skein produces. The real name of the yarn is Rozetti Cocoon Multi.

Rozetti Cocooning

Lois worked on a another hat, while trying out the bee stitch in the round.

Lois working bee-round

Great to have a friend around for winding!

And, as Ethel realized her baby alpaca ball was all knit up, she and Lois wound another from a soft luscious hank.
I think we will definitely be going to Orlando for the Florida Fiber In next weekend, so check with us if you want to go with us or meet us there! Be forewarned: the theme for this year is England, and some of the participants are going to be wearing Wow! hats.

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We knitted at my house again after a long (for me) hiatus!

Thank goodness Ethel straightened me out with Maelo’s cashmere sweater, or it might have been Baby Bigfoot’s sweater, with foot-long arms! She quickly took out the extraneous 30-odd rows and got me back on the right track.

All that work...sigh...

gator scarf

I finished the gator scarf (now that it’s almost summer) –but it’s been a little chilly at night so I may have a reason to wear it before football season…nah. Husband likes it, though :).

Ethel's rat

Ethel’s rat is the most adorable thing ever! We heard some good stories about the real rat, too. Next, she wants to make a brown and white rat with this alpaca yarn:

do you see a potential rat in this?

Beth and Lisa with little princess

Beth came by for a minute and gave a verbal progress report on her dishcloth. Lisa continued to work on a hat in the round. Lois also worked on a hat in the round. We decided we like Ethel’s hat from the Louisa Harding book for an upcoming project for all of us.

Lois and Ethel

Lisa brought a chocolate pound cake made lighter with yogurt (mmmm!) and I made some rolls from a Lion House mix I won in a contest on the Relief Society Sisters blog.


ReliefSocietySisters blog prize!

I was so excited to get an email saying I was the winner of their awesome prize! It’s a very cool tote bag from Deseret Books, with 3 Lion House mixes. Especially memorable since I visited Salt Lake City and saw the real Lion House over near Temple Square. Thank you so much for offering wonderful giveaways, it is fun to read about and belong to your website followers, RSSblog.com.

Plymouth Flower yarn from Ethel

Ethel reported on her treasure from the Yarnworks yard sale in April, and she gifted me with 2 balls of this beautiful Plymouth Flower motif yarn; I can’t wait to find a suitable pattern to make something from it!

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