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Had a great time knitting with Tina and Ethel tonight.

Tina brought her felted soaps to show us.

Close up of soap with needle-felted butterfly

Soap that was felted by hand with hot water

The homemade soaps smelled wonderful. Tina is still excited about her visit to Fayetteville, NC, at a shopping center that had a Michaels, a JoAnn’s, and a Hobby Lobby in the same place! Future crafter’s shopping heaven!

Ethel has been into some fun I-cord bauble knitting from Knitting Daily.

Ethel’s knitted bracelet

She gave me the two round squares she knitted last week in red, white and blue. I could use them to start an afghan, or as wash cloths, or trivets at a party…all sorts of things. Thank you! Her next project is citrus-themed wash cloths in orange, green and yellow cotton Sugar ‘n Cream.

Ethel’s segmented orange wash cloth

A pic of my finally finished baby sweater:

Baby wrap sweater

The yarn was actually Plymouth Bear Hugs, not Cotton Kisses. I used the pattern that came on the ball sleeve, but I had a bit left over, so I could have been a little bit more creative with it: since it is an “Aran weight” yarn, I could have made some cute little cables or something. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

My next project is a necktie in Maggi Irish linen. I’m just knitting away in seed stitch, not looking for a pattern. I realize that would bore the experienced knitter to tears, but for some reason, when I try seed stitch, I tend to veer off in to stockinette territory. Like The Little Prince uprooting his potentially dangerous baobab tree seedlings, I need to exercise constant vigilance.

This weekend: Memorial Day hi-jinx. Next weekend (June 2) is Yarnworks annual yard sale starting at 9 AM.


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Are we ready yet?

What is going on up there?

Er, Welcome to Knitting!

The cats have greatly missed Knitting in the past few weeks. We were so glad to see everyone back!

This is all I have completed in all that time:

Neck scarf and beret

I’d finished the beret a long time ago, and just now completed the Garter Stitch Loop-through Scarf from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant. (The hat was from One-Skein Wonders.) I found the pink Australian tweed yarn at Yarn Basket in Winter Haven; it is Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK, 85% merino, 10% silk, 5% cashmere, and it is sumptuous!

We finally got to see Ethel’s carding equipment; she gave us a little demonstration and we were able to compare different fibers.

Ethel demonstrating carding

Carding paddles

Rubbing the raw fibers with the carding combs, she prepared some roving to be needle-felted into this little gnome:

Ethel's little felted fellow

Soon on the agenda for Ethel is a range of little felted animals, as shown in this wonderful book:

With excellent detailed instructions

I showed my book of unique fiber creations as well, Crafting With Cat Hair.

which prompted Ethel to follow Bob around the room in an ultimately fruitful attempt to harvest some of his fur with a carding comb. Bob thrived on the attention and the grooming, thus strengthening his position as Alpha Cat in this expanded community cluster.

Ethel wearing Amber, holding Ice Cream Swirl hat

Ethel finished the embroidery on the gorgeous amber hat, and showed a new Ice Cream hat she made for one of the grand kids (look for a pattern on Knitting Paradise for Ice Cream Hat or Diagonal Spiral hat).

knitting a blue hemp washcloth

Ethel is still working on Christmas gifts; see the blue washcloth she is making out of silky, exfoliating hemp.

Tina looming a 'boggan

Soooo happy to see Tina back in action with another warm, wonderful loom hat in the works. Does anyone else call these ‘boggan hats? My ex-mother-in-law used to say that.
Lois worked on a new hat, and scanned the newest books for more info on fingerless gloves, her newest source of interest for another project.

Lois working a new hat on dpn's

It was 36 degrees this morning! Yikes, that’s cold for us poor Floridians. If you want to lay in your winter hibernation stores for the next couple of weeks, check out Yarnworks’ holiday hours and plan accordingly!

Thank you to all my knitting sisters who have enriched my life this year so much! At the group, when I told everyone how sad I was that I hadn’t knitted all my family members some really cool gifts for Christmas, they rushed to my defense! “You were sick!” they reminded me. “Start now for next year,” they encouraged. Their warm, supporting friendship and knitting know-how has been the nicest and funnest gift of 2011!

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Wednesday Night Knitting started out with some new developments. 1) Lois brought a strikingly gorgeous flower from her garden

Passion flower vine

and 2) Susan came to join us! Yay! She wants to learn to knit.

Lisa showing Susan how to cast on with Lois observing

The flower is such an intricate natural work of art, which Lois says will be gone tomorrow. The bloom lasts one day! “Consider the lilies of the field; they neither toil nor spin…” Makes me feel a bit crass about blogging for recognition and/or renown in my own limited efforts…but how beautiful is the flower, today, right now!
Lisa, after having conquered intarsia (thanks, Wikipedia), is liking it much better. She’s now working on a rose-colored sweater from this pattern:

Seed stitch sweater

Lois is back to working on her hamster. We saw on Facebook Lois’s previously finished hat (dark rose with white Fair Isle hearts) on the happy recipient, her grand-daughter. Susan decided to start knitting and purling, with plans to make wash cloths and dish cloths. Amazing how heart-warming it is to find someone who appreciates those luscious knitted cloths!
My current project was #1 in the book One Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant, felted coasters. I used the Debbie Bliss bulky Shetland tweed wool and was able to get 8 coasters knitted in garter stitch from the skein. Once they were knitted and the ends woven in, they were felted in the washer and dryer, which made them shrink to coaster-size. My idea was to do them in red, white and blue to match some other table linens I wanted to make for the patriotic holidays of summer (ok, I already missed Memorial Day so we’ll shoot for Flag Day and the 4th of July). A few eons ago I bought a needle-felting tool and tray but this is the first time I used them. It was awesome fun! You get wool roving from your favorite supplier –it’s on the shelf at JoAnn’s, A-1 Sewing, Yarnworks–and pull off a wisp of it and punch it into the felted coaster. A teensy bit of it goes a long way!

Using the needle felting paraphernalia

So here’s my raft of coasters with patriotic [in my mind] motifs.

Three cheers, I finally finished something!

Lots of projects in the works for next time!

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