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I was walking through the park one day….wrong.

See more weekly challenge wrong here.

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Purple shadows

See other purple pics at this week’s postaweek photo challenge from wordpress.

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We will not have Knitting this Wednesday due to exciting life-changing events going on!

The inside of the knitting Canon EOS 20D 1/60s ISO 400

But here is my weekly photo challenge. Look here to get the picture and think about maybe joining in with a photo of your own.

This week’s theme is INSIDE.

Did you know that most fabric has a right side and wrong side? You can also interpret that as an outside and an inside. Since this is a knitting blog, I’m looking at the inside of a knitted fabric.

Knitting bowl by Magnolia Pottery.

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During this busy, hectic summer, we found a way to bring it back last night!

Ethel came with sweater dreams.

Ethel with Knit Picks sweater

Sweater dreams Canon EOS 20D O.6s ISO 200

She found the yarn in a Knit Picks ad in the new Knitscene Accessories It’s a beautiful eye-candy of a yarn in ultra-soft Pima cotton and modal.

Ethel’s Knit Picks yarn

She’s making a lace-pattern sweater. While she was at the web site, she bought some Knit Picks interchangeable circular needles in 3 sizes. I’ve been looking at several interchangeable sets, and wondered if this would be a worthwhile purchase? Knit Picks has an introductory set that’s only $20. What do some of you expert knitters think?

Oh, let me explain the 2 pics of Ethel: I’ve gotten in on WordPress’s postaweek 2012 photography challenge. This week’s entry is called Dreaming. Perhaps I haven’t gotten all the requirements correct for this entry but I’m just getting my feet wet. Check it out, you might be up to the challenge!

Ethel’s other sweater

Ethel is also working on another sweater in garter stitch. Lois agreed that working on two things at once is the way to go with knitting, as long as one is soothing, comforting yards and yards of garter stitch.

Lois and a hat-in-the=round

Tina yarning

We were all happy to see Tina after a long time. She brought us up to date on the move to North Carolina.

During our meeting hiatus, I worked on the stash (here is a pic of it for crayons and milk, who asked to see. I took this pic of the mirror that hangs on the wall opposite the yarn stash part of the sewing room.

the location of the yarn build-up

Now this is what I’ve been working on, a grocery tote from Love of Knitting. This is my first ever Intarsia attempt. I can’t say that it all went along like a breeze, but it could have been worse!

“Go Green” bag, unfelted

Bob thinks I was thoughtfully spreading out the woolly bag for him to relax upon

With eight 220-yard skeins of wool yarn (held double) to be felted, this huge but humble grocery tote is going to end up costing me about $70 to make. Ouch. I used a cheap (if you think $6.99 is cheap) black yarn but the 2 greens, Berroco Peruvia, and Rio de la Plata, were pricey. Also, 100% wool colored green was not easy to find anywhere. Is green the new red-headed step-child in the yarn family?

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