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The Knitting Night commenced with Ethel bringing finished rainbow-loomed jewelry.

orange and blue rainbow loom bracelet

Go Gator Colors

chevron pattern rainbow loom bracelet

Orange and Blue Chevron pattern bracelet

rainbow loom bracelet

Ethel’s Rainbow Loom bracelet

rainbow loom bracelet

Moustache-pattern Rainbow Loom bracelet

Gator rainbow loom bracelet

Chevron pattern detail

rainbow loom bracelet

flower pattern loomed bracelet







And to think these were all just a pile of plastic rubber bands a few days ago! Amazing!

I finished a quick scarf for a mindless TV-watching dual activity. This is from Red Heart Boutique Chic, a Super Bulky velour yarn with random furry pom poms. The pattern came on the back of the skein sleeve: Knits, Purls & Pom Poms Scarf. I like to do fun, quick projects that feel soothing to my hands; it goes a long way toward stress relief. Would have been perfect except some of the pom pons were flimsily attached: about 4 of them just fell off and I had to sew and knot them back on.

Red Heart Boutique Chic Scarf

Pom Pom Scarf


This is my finished wall-hanging out of Feza Alp. It started out to be the Tokyo Scarf featured in Designer One Skein Wonders, but it ended up being very wide and not very long. Most of my fellow knitters agreed: wall hanging. I wanted to add a starfish and/or some coral to it and give it a seashore theme, but DH likes it as is. It now resides at the end of our rather bland, cream beige, neutral hallway, and adds a colorful, textural boho element.

knitted wall hanging with lathe-turned dowel rod hanger

Alp Wall Hanging

The wooden hanger is a cherry dowel rod whose ends were turned on the lathe by my DH. Beautiful! We talked about having another upcoming Woodworking project at Knitting. We were thinking of turning crochet hooks on the lathe, but DH now thinks that might be too hard. As I write this, we are watching a DVD about making crochet hooks. It does not look easy! He wants us to turn some tops. You know—spinning tops: toys.

Ethel worked on a new project, a crocheted shawl in Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance yarn. The Lisbon Stitch is worked with front-post crochet, forming ridges or posts that stand out in the pattern.

Lisbon stitch shawl

Lisbon Stitch Shawl

Lois’s new project is also crocheted.

bed jacket

Lois crocheting a bed jacket

I’m working on two at a time right now; a tough one and a tender one, each gives a degree of relief from the other.

toddler sweater dress

Tough: Sofie Tunic with size 2 needles

knitted slouchy cable hat

Tender: a cabled slouchy beanie in Berocco Remix

That’s it for now! Until we knit again…:\…/:

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Yay Knitting! We met and got up-to-date on projects.
Tricia worked on the teal scarf/shawl.

knitted scarf/shawl

Tricia and teal scarf/shawl

knitted cable hat

Lois with an orange cable hat

pink cotton thick and thin yarn

Ethel got some new pink all-cotton thick-and-thin slubby yarn

purse body: garter-stitch sari ribbon

purse body: garter-stitch sari ribbon

I’ve been working on another purse using the pattern on the front of this Quick Knits mag: it’s garter-stitch Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon.






The leather handles are from http://www.cindysbuttoncompany.com; I got them from Four Purls‘ vendor booth at the 2012 Florida Fiber Inn.


This other project I started is the Tokyo Scarf designed by Emre Koc featured in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, in Feza Alp yarn.

Feza Alp yarn scarf

Tokyo Scarf in Alp

linen stitch cloth

Ethel’s linen stitch cloth








Ethel was experimenting with linen stitch to duplicate some wash cloths we saw on Pinterest. I liked the subtle blending of the purple color band with the burnt-orange, but she liked the greater contrast of the blue band.

linen-stitch wash cloth

Ethel’s linen-stitch cloth with blue contrasting color band

rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom









Then we brought out the Hands Free Rainbow Loom with Organizer Kit.





Ethel made a rubber-band ring on the loom in about 5 minutes.






rainbow-loom ring

Ethel’s rainbow-loom ring

Great fun!

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Sweater and hat

Sweater and hat

Here’s a pic of Ethel’s boy sweater and hat, from the Louisa Harding Jasmin yarn. She also finished the girl sweater and hat from the purple yarn.
Ethel's girl sweater and hat

Ethel’s girl sweater and hat

These gifts are on their way. Now, she’s finishing up some fingerless gloves to mail to a friend. BTW, have you ever searched “fingerless gloves” on Pinterest? Oh my dear heaven.

Trader Joe's holiday fare

Trader Joe’s holiday fare

Ethel went to the Grand Opening of the local Trader Joe’s and brought over some of their limited-time-only holiday triple ginger cookies.



I finished this cowl that was featured in the current Love of Knitting mag. I used Red Heart Eco-ways Bamboo yarn, color: cayenne, that I got from eBay a few years ago (gotta whittle down that stash somehow!) then I did a pocket-scarf from the same issue. I used Ester Bitran Tirua, a Chilean wool yarn. Next, I started working on the Simply Magical cowl KAL that is featured on the front cover. I am working some Jewel yarn that I already own rather than buying the Red Heart used in the published pattern, because I want to de-stash a bit.
Woolen Tirua scarf

Woolen Tirua scarf

I’ve found that holiday knitting, for me, is not a gift-turning-out process as much as a de-stress process. I know I am not making something that my intended victim, er, recipient always wanted. I guess I knit for me, because physical movement in a pattern soothes my stressed-out soul. As a little girl, I couldn’t go to sleep at night until after some form of head-banging ritual was exercised. Swinging was absolutely my favorite playground activity. As a teenager, I would go with friends to a deserted playground at night and swing while singing the lyrics to all the Beatles songs we could remember. Now, I find that working a pattern of say, “knit 2, purl 2” over and over anchors me. Maybe some day I will get good at it and people will like that I knit them things. Until then, I’m going to keep practicing.

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