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Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one….oh, hi there!

We made lots of progress in the past week.

cable afghan

Lois’s cable afghan

purple crochet

Ethel with freeform crochet WIP

Ethel was actually involved in 3 projects, this just shows one.

knitted wash cloth

Rachael finished her cotton wash cloth

Today was Rachael’s birthday, and she was wearing the awesome dress that she was working on a few weeks ago. She said, to celebrate, she was going to go home and cut out another dress. Can’t wait to see what fabric and style pattern she chooses.

Tricia was tired and said she hadn’t done much on the white sparkly scarf, so I agreed to hold off on the photo of her project this time.

afghan blocks

my alphabet afghan blocks

Lois brought a few items for “Show and Tell.” Can you guess what they are?

darning tool

Lois’s Guess What? Item #1

Item #2 What is it?

Item #2 What is it?

Seriously, we knew the first item–a darning egg, right? But does anyone know what the second item is?


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Eskimimi Makes has some genius ideas for blogging…
At Wednesday Night Knitting, we played around with Day 3’s concept, photographing our projects in a totally different light.

knitted scarf

Cycling with Scarf

Ethel’s scarf, staged as blowing in the wind.

(Actually, Rachel was holding it up with a long crochet needle behind-the-scenes).

bike scene with scarf

behind-the-scenes view

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the side


Rachel ripping

Meanwhile, Rachel was busy with a seam ripper. All needlework welcome!

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You know how knitters are always talking about what they are reading almost as much as what they are knitting? Two of us from Wednesday Night Knitting took a side trip this weekend to the Friends Of the Library Book Sale. Our twice-a-year book sale is a really big deal here in this college town. Anyone who has been compelled to purchase books and gagged in amazement with sticker shock, can heartily appreciate getting something interesting to read for cheap. Even if it is years old. In some cases, even, everything old is new again. And if you get a book from the FOL sale, read it, and decide it doesn’t merit a permanent place in your library, you can donate it back again.

Here’s my haul for this year:

Fall 2013 FOL Haul

Fall 2013 FOL Haul

I got 9 cookbooks, 6 sewing books, a photography book, 2 kid craft books, 2 books on Chinese medicine/health, and 1 yoga book. Ethel got several Manga books and a book of Chinese couplets. I’m not sure what else was in her bag of goodies. You may note that this list is conspicuously lacking in knitting, crochet, or needlework books. Personally, I like current knitting patterns. I have enough old patterns to make me happy. I’m like Dumbledore was in Half-Blood Prince, lingering in the bathroom at the muggle’s house where Professor Slughorn was hiding out, checking out the knitting patterns in a magazine. I have enough knitting patterns to last me forever. But I love to look at the new ones. Marketing magic impresses me as much as knitting prowess.

More people came to the opening day of the FOL book sale than I’ve seen on a sunny summer day at Disney World: it was a crush! A lady next to me was stacking up piles of old Quilting magazines. Now I wish I’d spoken to her and asked, “Why do you want these?” She probably had a worthwhile mission going on. Maybe I could have helped her with it. A guy in front of me in line had a huge bound album that announced on the spine (the part I could read while looking under his armpit) “…Infinity and Beyond…” and the word “studios” at the bottom of the spine so I knew it probably had cool Toy Story stuff! Coveted! I stopped to get my check pre-approved, and the clerk recognized my last name and asked me if I knew [my husband and his brother], saying she had gone to school with them (in a little town 150 miles away) and listened to my husband’s band back in the 50’s and 60’s! It was cool to see young couples on a date, young moms with kids, older kids, old folks, and people that go to our church, all willing to stand in a long snaky line for however long it took to get a cheap deal on books.

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Today’s topic for Eskimimi Makes 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is Improving Your Skill Set. I know it’s late in the week for some to look into this, but I encourage you to check out a few posts from other bloggers who have entered each day’s topic by posting. All you have to do is type 3KCBWDAY6 (for today’s entries) into your search engine and click on the posts that come up. Yesterday’s topic was “Something Different,” which encourages the blogger to post in a new and challenging way that they’ve never tried before. I found some very cool and creative posts. I even went so far as to nominate Dinkyflower to be the winner. If you care to vote for your favorite, here’s Eskimimi’s form for Day 5.

Today’s topic is about reflecting upon your skill set. Mine is very small, I’m afraid.
1) Knit, purl
2) Single, double and triple crochet
3) Felting
4) Quilting
5) Sewing
6) Drawing
7) Blogging

However, with these seven skills, I can sure spend a lot of time working on projects.

What I would like to explore: sock making,

Go for it!

lace pattern knitting, apparel sewing, wardrobe designing and construction, layettes, Fair Isle knitting, spinning, art quilting,
gift making.

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