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This goes out to our former group member Kerrie, who had a birthday today. We miss you Kerrie! Interestingly enough, besides Kerrie, 3 other knitting groupies have had birthdays in the past month. Are people who were born under the sign of Leo natural needlework divas? I thought so.


Rachel contemplates a new project in crochet


Lois asks Ethel for some clarification in her sock project

cat in bag

Grayzie tries to dive in nose-first

cat in bag

how about this bag?

cat in bag

Wait, here’s another one! MMMMMMM….


I got up to “L” on the Martin Storey blanket

Hope everyone with a happy summer birthday feels renewed and ready to roar in a new year, full of great new needlework! XD


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Wednesday was a little crazy. Make that a big crazy. I had the twins, and it was their first night of the stay, so they were running around a lot. But it was all fun.Ethel showed us some great new cheap needles she’d bought at Tuesday Morning. Yes, I did finally finish my socks. But I couldn’t show them to my fellow knitters because they were in the dirty clothes. Here’s a pic. I am on ravelry.com as jenyjenny, too, making socks with Sock-it-to-me 2013 forum.

Noro socks done

Noro socks done

Ethel and size 8's

Ethel and size 8’s

Ethel continued working on her hat from last week.

Lois came by and we didn’t do too much except catch up with what’s been going on in our hectic summers. Lois said she has been sort of tapering off with knitting for now. I also feel that knitting is not the #1 thing right now, since it’s sweltering outside.

I did manage to make another right-angle weave beaded bracelet in anticipation of football season.

right angle weave gator bracelet

right angle weave gator bracelet

Ethel and hat

Ethel and hat

DH had a few guys over and they were out in the shop woodworking and talking about, you know….wood. It’s amazing how often wood comes up in a conversation, and how many people we know who would like to learn woodworking if they only had a chance.

Here is the picture of Lois’s bowl from a prior post. I captioned it beech, but I’m not so sure, maybe she said aspen? The bowl was made by her relatives, a couple who got into woodturning together, and used the wood from a tree in their front yard to make the bowl. Marvelous to get a gift of a hand-turned bowl! Some day I will make a bowl on the lathe.  But maybe for the time being I need to do a couple more nostepinder for practice.

end of day tired

end of day tired

We broke it up early, and by the end of the day we were all tired! What have you been up to this         summer?

Lois with beech wood bowl

Lois with beech wood bowl

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This week has been a bit confusing and over the top re: holidays. Gotta love America’s melting pot of holidays! On the 10th it was a celebration of Chinese New Year. Time for some General Tso’s chicken. My DH and I always argued about whether it was General Tso or General Tao. He asked one of his graduate students and she said it could be either one, but that it’s really not something you’d eat in China. It’s American Chinese food.

Tuesday it was Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday. Here the Mardi Gras meal includes King Cake, a sweet yeast-dough ring cake with a cinnamon-sugar filling and purple, green and gold frosting. I’ve read in other blogs that on Shrove Tuesday, folks always eat pancakes. Today is Valentine’s Day and the hustle/bustle is all about luuvvv. Chocolate! One of our fellow gym class members met us at the door this morning with this little treat.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday is our local Gold & Green Ball. Click on this page to see more Gold & Green Ball. Without holidays, what would we do with our time and money?

But that brings me around to yesterday’s “holiday,” Wednesday Night Knitting. Ethel brought chocolate-covered pomegranate pips with which to celebrate. Woo hoo!

chevron scarf with 2 yarns

chevron scarf with 2 yarns

The scarf pattern Ethel chose is a variation of this one in Creative Knitting.
scarf pattern inspiration

scarf pattern inspiration

she used a 100% merino tweedy twist and then half of the scarf has a strand of green sparkly Stacy Charles Ritratto held double with the wool for a little excitement.

Lois' new pics

Lois’ new picks

Lois and Ethel discussed new possibilities for afghans. Lois tried the feather and fan, but didn’t like how the yarn bunched up. Perhaps simple stockinette would make a better blanket? Stockinette with a seed stitch border to keep the edges from curling up? Long circular needles will come in handy to keep the long rows in order. I started a kind of an afghan: the pattern is Lana Grossa’s Mohair Wrap from the Quick Knits mag. Except rather than luxurious mohair, I used Joann Sensations boucle, hence my title variation: Ghetto Mohair Wrap. I have a ton of this yarn in my stash. (“Perhaps the result of a clearance sale?” Ethel asked.) I’m not crazy about boucle yarn, however, I started knitting this and I like it a lot.
Wannabe mohair project

Ghetto mohair project

It’s a big rectangle of stockinette stitch with a wide ruffle border. With this, I have become a knitter who has “more than one project on the needles” at a time–something I could never imagine myself doing. I have evolved! Here’s another current WIP, the February sock from the Sock It To Me 2013 ravelry group. I’m also working on the Laera Shawl via Craftsy and another ruffle scarf.

Ethel's grand haul from Tuesday Morning

Ethel’s grand haul of Auraucana and Ella Rae yarn from Tuesday Morning

On the spinning front, I latched onto this antique flax wheel I found in McIntosh. It’s not quite ready to spin; it needs a drive band and the broken flyer fixed. But I’ve had a lot of fun dreaming of folks in the past who may have spun with her, and the practical projects they may have provided to their luuuvvved ones. Happy early spring holidays everyone!

flax wheel and bird cage distaff

flax wheel and bird cage distaff

flyer & bobbin

flyer & bobbin

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Wednesday knitters have spent the past few days anticipating this meeting, as we summed up our trip to the 2011 Florida Fiber In, and looked over our new toys! Ethel brought her drop spindle with a lot of purple wool to spin into yarn.

Alpaca and drop spindle

She spun a few yards of yarn and made a little knitted swatch.

The product of Ethel's spinning and knitting

Ethel's swag bag from the Fiber In

Ethel showed us the many bags of fiber and yarn she got at the fiber convention: sparkly angelina fibers, luscious purple alpaca wool, a deep grape-wine colored yarn, lots of packages of roving, some already ID’d as doll hair.

Lois brought the pattern for the fingerless mitts she’d bought at the Fiber In, and got to work on the project.

fingerless mitts

Fingerless mitts are the snizzle right now; Ethel had a pattern for a pair with fancy picot edges and sewn-on beads. Beautiful! But I believe every little girl on my list (and big girls too, no doubt!) would love a pair of fingerless mitts for winter in Florida.

Tina was back into looming another very impressive hat.

Tina and loom

Tina’s quick and delightful loom projects have inspired us all. Debbie and Beth came bearing looms, as well. And by the time the evening was over, Beth had made a lot of progress on her orange and blue leggings.

Beth looming

Debbie progressed to the heel on her sock (go ahead and applaud!)

Deb and long-awaited sock

Debbie showed us a book of marvelous loom projects, including a wavy shrug pattern. Deb must have been inspired by all the looming going on, too, because she had a brand new pack of three looms with her.

Ethel tried to convince me to make this jacket:

jacket patterns

And she found this pattern for another version of the fish hat.

fish hat

But I lapsed into crocheting, something I can do mindlessly. I wish I was more like Martha in Knitting [a novel Ethel loaned me], who can read and knit at the same time!

Crocheted cloth, with black Sugar N Cream cotton & Linen blend

And, I almost forgot the SWIFT! While I was at the Fiber In, my handy DH created this beautiful tool to help me rewind yarn from a hank to a neat little ball, ready for knitting. I absolutely put it to work the first day, and it is wonderful!

Skip's hand-crafted yarn swift

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