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Looking ahead, looking now…do you ever wonder if what you’ve been currently immersed in doing, is worthwhile? Do you wonder if this great pursuit you’ve spent lots of time, money, and effort in following, is true and right, and most important of all, not a waste of your time and life?

Why does a person choose one project to work on, and steers clear of others, seemingly just as worthy?

I may start on one of these…which would you pick?

Alp yarn, purse

Sari Tote, with variations

The Sari Ribbon Tote pattern, from Love of Knitting Quick Knits, will have to be altered because I only have 160 yards of Alp, rather than the 5 skeins (300 yd) of Leilani Arts Sari Ribbon that it calls for. So I will find a coordinating or contrasting bulky yarn for the bottom and do the top of the bag in Alp.

doll aran sweater

Cabled Katiebeth aran cardigan for a doll

What about this, a cable sweater for a doll? Maybe a good idea to take on a mini-sweater before I work on a real big one. The directions are seriously complicated. I tried to contact the designer with a question about the directions but I haven’t heard back.

knit tunic for a toddler

Sofie Tunic from Little Aran & Celtic Knits for Kids

Another possibility is a toddler tunic in Caron Simply Soft acrylic, in a subtle, soft Victorian Rose hue.

You may have guessed that we didn’t have Knitting this week. But I wanted to publish regularly as lectured in Zero to Hero Day 29.

I read that my old boss passed away yesterday, on his 75th birthday.

He was an employer who made a great difference in my life, in my career. But my little accomplishments pale next to the great things he did. I hope that, apart from the circumstances that brought him home to his maker, he died a happy man, feeling that he finished the race with honor.

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Echoing other bloggers and their mahhhvelous posts…



Knitting Luv
OMG: Klimt-inspired Knitting!

Crochet Luv
Creaturra–cutest ever hipster model

Art Luv
Not Human Beings

Machine Embroidery Luv
AND felting, all in one! Gorgeous inspiration!

Quilt Luv
Best Beginner

Woodturning Luv
Woodturning at Large

Photography Luv
Cool take on Weekly Photo Challenge by Neophyte

So that’s my little round-up of interesting posts, images, things to think about (per Zero to Hero Day 23)

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Attention, fiber-holics! This time, the post begins with a paper craft.

origami jumping frog

Ethel’s origami jumping frog

Ethel searched around to find the perfect paper to make an origami jumping frog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then she worked on a hat.

knitted hat

Ethel and hat

knitted scarf

Rachel and scarf











Rachel joined us and worked on a scarf for one of her twins.

doll sweater and hat

Jogless Jenny sweater and rib-knit skull cap










I finished (almost, still need to apply snaps at the shoulder) the doll’s sweater and hat from Simply Stylish.

For Zero to Hero 18, I added a new format I’ve never used before, the slide show!

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Knitting! The group was back at it and doing well.

crocheted shawl

Lois was back and worked on her purple shawl

Lois had a bad cold last time so we were happy to see her looking well.

wrapping yarn

Ethel had an idea for a group gift

crazy-pieced block quilt top

Tricia and quilt top with crazy-pieced blocks

Tricia finished an amazing quilt top with crazy-pieced blocks and cosmic-themed fabrics. The colors and patterns she chose look fabulous together. Meanwhile, Trish knitted more of the afghan.

knitted afghan

Tricia and afghan

beaded watchband

Ethel’s watch with beaded band

The unfortunate thing about Ethel’s beautiful watch was that after she matched up the lovely copper bezel with the pretty, intricately beaded band, and put it all together so artfully, the watch stopped working, although it appeared to have a new battery. She could take back the non-working watch but…sigh…all that work would have to be redone.

Knitting seems to go with reading, and Ethel brought her recently finished book to share, but none of the rest of us wanted to commit to reading right now. It was a rather non-committal evening, all in all, and some of us were nodding in our chairs.

Book: Miss Peregrin's

Ethel’s recent read

doll sweater

Doll sweater, almost finished

I am almost finished with my doll sweater, although I hit some serious snags. The directions called for adding a second ball of yarn at the neck edge. The idea was to do this: knit the one shoulder, then stop at the neck edge which was bound up in waste yarn, then knit the other shoulder starting with the new ball of yarn. So I had this one ball of yarn that I had laboriously wound on the nostepinde, and I could see the two yarn ends right there, like in this drawing.

sketch of my one yarn ball

sketch of my one yarn ball

[Oh BTW this sketch is my take on Day 6 of the Zero to Hero post-fest. It is supposed to be along the directive of “publish a post that has a new element.” I have Penultimate for iPad, a fun little app where I can create drawings and sketches and upload them as part of my photo library!]

So I figured I’d just use one ball and knit using the two ends instead of starting the separate new ball like the directions said. Bad idea: the both ends quickly got super tangled up and I was holding a disaster in my lap. Like going to sleep with bubble gum in your mouth and waking up with a wad of gum in your hair. You end up with no choice but to get the scissors.

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Today is the ninth of January and suddenly I feel like everything’s changed.

One harbinger of change is the Zero to Hero program I’ve signed into: it’s a month-long series of blog posts by our esteemed platform, WordPress, that’s supposed to help us evolve from a pitiful, nowhere blog to a fantastic one.

I’ve made a few changes; you may have noticed some differences in appearance. But I think the hugest development is that I’ve branched out in my observance of other peoples’ blogs. One notable new category in my Reader is “Art.” Art (in the WP Reader anyway) is Amour, in my mind now! Oh, gosh, I LOVE scrolling through and seeing what bloggers have posted. And they don’t seem to care if they have few comments or much feedback. It’s a treasure trove of fun things to look at and be inspired by. Also, more and more Knitting and Spinning blogs are springing up in the Reader!

Last night we knitted after a holiday hiatus.

girl gray and black dress

Ethel made a girl’s dress

knitted vest for boy

Ethel finished her grandson’s vest

knitted hat with crocheted flower

Ethel’s poncho’s matching hat with flower

ceramic yarn bowl

ceramic yarn bowl Ethel got as a gift

crocheted clip-on hair ornaments

Ethel’s clip-on crocheted flower hair ornaments

clip-on crocheted hair ornaments

hair ornaments: the clip sides

doll sweater

I was working on a doll sweater from Simply Stylish

knitted afghan

Trish worked on her blanket

learning to crochet

Newbie Robin learns the art of crochet from a friendly teacher

Our shoes were notable. Guess whose shoes I forgot to photograph? We wish everyone warm footsies!

purple crocs


leopard clogs

leopard clogs

sherpa-lined clogs

tasseled sherpa-lined clogs

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