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Surprise… at Knitting tonight everybody worked on what they worked on last week!

shawls, knit and crochet

Ethel and Lois, with same shawls


Tricia and white sparkly yarn


crocheted hat

Kerrie reworked the crocheted hat


Here’s a new one, Ethel’s Rainbow loom starburst or sunburst bracelet

Jalie bathing suit

And Ethel made this cool Jalie bathing suit

knitting books

Tricia’s latest Friends of Library acquisitions


We dedicate this session to the memory of Bob



Bob went to sleep with his ancestors, Dad Oscar and Mom Nacho, after a bout with pancreatitis returned. He had a painful Easter weekend, having become  weak in the back legs, and he was just furry skin and bones. His autopsy revealed that he had an inoperable brain tumor on his pituitary gland, rare for a cat. He was an awesome cat! He was also the subject of (I think) my most-viewed post, the Weekly Photo Challenge: Love. We love you, sweet Bob!


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Stopping by to knit on a springy evening…

Tricia, starting a scarf to match

Tricia, starting a scarf to match

knitted mittens and snood

matching mittens and snood

crocheted shawl

Lois and her Crocheted Shawl

knitted cape

Ethel and cape

yarn UFO's

Sadly, Rachel’s knitted potholder-in-progress met with foul play

And my Sofie Tunic was a victim of cat sabotage

And my Sofie Tunic was a victim of cat sabotage

fixing knitting

But Ethel was able to fix them both!

And now I can sleep in peace! Thank you, knitting friends!

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Wednesday night and we were knitting nicely…

knitted mittens and snood

Tricia’s mittens and snood

Tricia knitted beautiful sparkly white mittens and a matching snood.

knitted snood

Tricia’s snood in process

I love the needle-cushions she bought at JoAnn’s.

knitted shawl

Lois and shawl in double crochet

Lois worked on a shawl in a woolly Lion Brand yarn (color: Ruby).


Jerilyn knitting

Jerilyn worked more on her beginning knitting project.

slouchy beanie

slouchy beanie

I finished the cabled slouchy beanie.

Next time: maybe a little woodworking?

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Knitting! The group was back at it and doing well.

crocheted shawl

Lois was back and worked on her purple shawl

Lois had a bad cold last time so we were happy to see her looking well.

wrapping yarn

Ethel had an idea for a group gift

crazy-pieced block quilt top

Tricia and quilt top with crazy-pieced blocks

Tricia finished an amazing quilt top with crazy-pieced blocks and cosmic-themed fabrics. The colors and patterns she chose look fabulous together. Meanwhile, Trish knitted more of the afghan.

knitted afghan

Tricia and afghan

beaded watchband

Ethel’s watch with beaded band

The unfortunate thing about Ethel’s beautiful watch was that after she matched up the lovely copper bezel with the pretty, intricately beaded band, and put it all together so artfully, the watch stopped working, although it appeared to have a new battery. She could take back the non-working watch but…sigh…all that work would have to be redone.

Knitting seems to go with reading, and Ethel brought her recently finished book to share, but none of the rest of us wanted to commit to reading right now. It was a rather non-committal evening, all in all, and some of us were nodding in our chairs.

Book: Miss Peregrin's

Ethel’s recent read

doll sweater

Doll sweater, almost finished

I am almost finished with my doll sweater, although I hit some serious snags. The directions called for adding a second ball of yarn at the neck edge. The idea was to do this: knit the one shoulder, then stop at the neck edge which was bound up in waste yarn, then knit the other shoulder starting with the new ball of yarn. So I had this one ball of yarn that I had laboriously wound on the nostepinde, and I could see the two yarn ends right there, like in this drawing.

sketch of my one yarn ball

sketch of my one yarn ball

[Oh BTW this sketch is my take on Day 6 of the Zero to Hero post-fest. It is supposed to be along the directive of “publish a post that has a new element.” I have Penultimate for iPad, a fun little app where I can create drawings and sketches and upload them as part of my photo library!]

So I figured I’d just use one ball and knit using the two ends instead of starting the separate new ball like the directions said. Bad idea: the both ends quickly got super tangled up and I was holding a disaster in my lap. Like going to sleep with bubble gum in your mouth and waking up with a wad of gum in your hair. You end up with no choice but to get the scissors.

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Shhhhh! Tonight it’s the week before Halloween 2013.
I’ve bought 2 bags of candy. Well, actually, I bought more, but we ate some, and tomorrow I go to the doctor to get yelled at about my cholesterol….I don’t have a theme in mind for decorating my car for the Trunk or Treat activity tomorrow night at the church. Christmas is coming, but I don’t have any presents made….AIEEEEEEEE! Scream bloody murder! I’m not ready!

Ethel finished an elephant hat.

Costume ready

Costume ready

We looked at Ethel’s photos from her trip to San Francisco, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Mount Whitney, and Saint George. We didn’t look at her photos from Yosemite or Muir Woods because she went during the infamous Government Shutdown, and therefore couldn’t get into those government-controlled parks, and so there were no photos. But she stopped on the side of the road and hugged an obliging civilian redwood tree.

We looked at some great possibilities in this new magazine Ethel brought along.

Creative Knitting mag

Creative Knitting mag

Lois worked on the Feather and Fan afghan some more. I love the way she has marked the beginning and end of the pattern here with waste yarn.

Lois's feather and fan pattern markings

Lois’s feather and fan pattern markings

What a brilliant idea to keep the pattern in order!

Ethel made progress on the white shawl she started a few weeks back.

shawl in progress

shawl in progress

Lois wanted to know the pattern and dimensions, size yarn and crochet hook Ethel was using.
Lois and Ethel working out the details

Lois and Ethel working out the details

Looking ahead to Halloween night, I wonder if I’ll be doing the usual: watching a zombie-themed movie while knitting and occasionally getting up from the couch to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters? That’s about as crazy as my life gets any more. I’ve been reading some disaster prep blogs and Pinterest posts, and I often see this abbreviation “WTSHTF.” I’m not sure exactly what it means. I could be wrong and it could be funny, like my DH’s thinking LOL stands for “lots of love” or the yoga class member who was saying: “have a nice day” when everyone else was bowing their heads and saying, “Namaste!” Meanwhile, until or if IHTF, have fun!

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