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This week’s photo challenge is Texture. I went to The World’s Most Famous Beach for our family beach weekend. Sand, surf, the roar of traffic up and down A1A outside the beach-front hotels, hugs from big and little ones, crisp hotel sheets on sun-exposed skin, seafood restaurants, and of course, a yarn crawl. I had to see what the local yarn shop The Ball of Yarn had to offer.

The Mandarin Petit and Kashmir yarns are from their Swedish import rack, although they have a flag of Norway on their labels. The shop proprietor told me that they love Kraemer brand yarns, which are spun in America and were used in the Ralph Lauren knitted apparel worn by our Winter Olympics competitors. Isn’t it a small world after all?

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Sorry that Ethel has been away, busy and then sick,  and we hope for the best! We missed all the other regular knitters who couldn’t come this week, too, but off to the next project we go.

Finished crocheted blanket

I was shopping in Book Gallery West at the Millhopper Shopping Center, looking for the next Book Club selection, Things Fall Apart, when I saw a little note posted in the store’s cafe area. Knitting Group meets here the 4th Wednesday of the month from 3:00 to 6:00. Whoa, think about it! If we wanted to, we could knit in the company of others for 6 hours in a row one Wednesday of the month!

While I was in Ocala one day this week, I dropped into E.T. Yarns in Silver Springs. I moved back to the Ocala area in 1983, and E.T. has been at its current location since 1984, but I never knew it was there (or cared! I just got into knitting a few months ago.) The store is like a giant work room. Baskets of yarn line the interior walls. Leaflets, booklets, and books from many dispensations of time and fashion are here, there, and everywhere, but the proprietor knows what’s what. Some of the merchandise looks new, some second-hand.

Me (JJ): I’m a beginner, so I don’t really know much but I’m interested in everything.

Erma Tardiff (ET): Oh, I see you like my “Misty.” [My hand is irresistibly locked in an embrace with a bag of twisted skeins of wool in blue, gray, and purple. I’d impulsively considered buying the lot a minute earlier, but she sounded like she had some claim on it, and after all, I’d probably mess it all up].

JJ: It’s beautiful!

Other lady sitting at work table with ET: I see you haven’t yet gotten to the point where you hold it up to your cheek!

JJ (smiling outwardly but thinking of the flu-prevention mantra Don’t Touch Your Face): I’ve noticed that you carry lots of 75% acrylic, 25% wool. Is that a good blend?

ET: Yay-uh! You can wash it in the washing machine!

JJ: Mmmm. So, do you have classes here?

ET: No, but people come in all the time, from 10 to 4, asking questions, and we help them with what they’re doing.

I’ve never seen the job Yarn Shop Owner at a career fair.  Must’ve had some good karma to have a job like that, doing what you love, helping people, and being able to pay the rent and utilities as well!

This week: Tiffany continued on the Hunter’s Stitch afghan block, Lois continue on her angel hair purse.

Angel Hair mohair blend purse in progress

I’m also working on a purse just like this one, but in black and white. The body is about finished, now I’m trying to decide on the straps or handles. I’ve gotten a couple of dish cloths done in cotton, and I’m working on a third that has a diamond-shaped pattern and i’m doing all right with it so far, although keeping up with the instructions is a task.

cotton diamond-pattern dish cloth

Lisa is working on a sweater that we have yet to see, and she promised she’ll knit next time. Meantime, we talked about food a lot, since Lisa went to a Taste of Home cooking show in Valdosta this week. Taste of Home has the best recipes! Tiffany whipped up some salsa in a manual food processor that Pampered Chef introduced in March, in a few minutes. Yummy! Food, friends, knitting–another happy and delicious evening!

Delicious fresh tomato salsa

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