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Yay Knitting! We met and got up-to-date on projects.
Tricia worked on the teal scarf/shawl.

knitted scarf/shawl

Tricia and teal scarf/shawl

knitted cable hat

Lois with an orange cable hat

pink cotton thick and thin yarn

Ethel got some new pink all-cotton thick-and-thin slubby yarn

purse body: garter-stitch sari ribbon

purse body: garter-stitch sari ribbon

I’ve been working on another purse using the pattern on the front of this Quick Knits mag: it’s garter-stitch Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon.






The leather handles are from http://www.cindysbuttoncompany.com; I got them from Four Purls‘ vendor booth at the 2012 Florida Fiber Inn.


This other project I started is the Tokyo Scarf designed by Emre Koc featured in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, in Feza Alp yarn.

Feza Alp yarn scarf

Tokyo Scarf in Alp

linen stitch cloth

Ethel’s linen stitch cloth








Ethel was experimenting with linen stitch to duplicate some wash cloths we saw on Pinterest. I liked the subtle blending of the purple color band with the burnt-orange, but she liked the greater contrast of the blue band.

linen-stitch wash cloth

Ethel’s linen-stitch cloth with blue contrasting color band

rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom









Then we brought out the Hands Free Rainbow Loom with Organizer Kit.





Ethel made a rubber-band ring on the loom in about 5 minutes.






rainbow-loom ring

Ethel’s rainbow-loom ring

Great fun!

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Attention, fiber-holics! This time, the post begins with a paper craft.

origami jumping frog

Ethel’s origami jumping frog

Ethel searched around to find the perfect paper to make an origami jumping frog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then she worked on a hat.

knitted hat

Ethel and hat

knitted scarf

Rachel and scarf











Rachel joined us and worked on a scarf for one of her twins.

doll sweater and hat

Jogless Jenny sweater and rib-knit skull cap










I finished (almost, still need to apply snaps at the shoulder) the doll’s sweater and hat from Simply Stylish.

For Zero to Hero 18, I added a new format I’ve never used before, the slide show!

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Today is the ninth of January and suddenly I feel like everything’s changed.

One harbinger of change is the Zero to Hero program I’ve signed into: it’s a month-long series of blog posts by our esteemed platform, WordPress, that’s supposed to help us evolve from a pitiful, nowhere blog to a fantastic one.

I’ve made a few changes; you may have noticed some differences in appearance. But I think the hugest development is that I’ve branched out in my observance of other peoples’ blogs. One notable new category in my Reader is “Art.” Art (in the WP Reader anyway) is Amour, in my mind now! Oh, gosh, I LOVE scrolling through and seeing what bloggers have posted. And they don’t seem to care if they have few comments or much feedback. It’s a treasure trove of fun things to look at and be inspired by. Also, more and more Knitting and Spinning blogs are springing up in the Reader!

Last night we knitted after a holiday hiatus.

girl gray and black dress

Ethel made a girl’s dress

knitted vest for boy

Ethel finished her grandson’s vest

knitted hat with crocheted flower

Ethel’s poncho’s matching hat with flower

ceramic yarn bowl

ceramic yarn bowl Ethel got as a gift

crocheted clip-on hair ornaments

Ethel’s clip-on crocheted flower hair ornaments

clip-on crocheted hair ornaments

hair ornaments: the clip sides

doll sweater

I was working on a doll sweater from Simply Stylish

knitted afghan

Trish worked on her blanket

learning to crochet

Newbie Robin learns the art of crochet from a friendly teacher

Our shoes were notable. Guess whose shoes I forgot to photograph? We wish everyone warm footsies!

purple crocs


leopard clogs

leopard clogs

sherpa-lined clogs

tasseled sherpa-lined clogs

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Discovery: It is December 4th and our Christmas knitting is in the coulda, shoulda, woulda state of being. Except for Ethel, she’s been very, very good this year, so Santa, take note!

Ethel got some holiday knitting done; check it out!

knitted gnome Christmas ornaments

Ethel’s gnomes

red, white knitted Christmas ball

Ethel’s knitted Christmas bauble

I managed to wind my skein of felted wool yarn into a ball…I have started a few things but it just doesn’t feel right, so I am back to a ball…Any suggestions on what to make with it?

ball of Gaelic felted wool yarn

the fruit of my labors so far

Ethel showed off some beaded Christmas earrings she made from a kit she got at Avalon Bead Shop.

beaded green Christmas tree earring

bead kit from Gifts of Avalon

clear crystal Christmas tree earrings

crystal Christmas tree earrings

Amber worked on the Sirdar sweater again, and it’s looking beautiful.

Sirdar knitted sweater

working on the sweater

I finished the woolly owl hat I started a few weeks ago.

knitted intarsia owl hat

finished intarsia owl hat from last year’s Simply Knitting

child's knitted poncho

Ethel’s new project: a poncho

Ethel worked on a poncho for a grandchild, in James C. Brett Marble Chunky, a blue and green self-striping machine washable yarn. And she’s already lined up a new project, a knitted billed hat.
knitted hat with bill

Ethel’s next project

Alice Starmore's new Tudor Roses

a present for me

Following a wonderful week of Thanksgiving partying with well-loved folks I don't get to see very often, I've been feasting my eyes on the new, reissued Alice Starmore book Tudor Roses. Visions of sugarplums are dancing in my head…

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Trending on my Facebook Feed: Everyone saying what they’re thankful for each and every day of November. Some really getting down to the minute details of their lives. Some giving the impression that they’ve already told all the important things so they’re really stretching now for something to post.

I’m thankful for Wednesday Night Knitting, and knitting in general. Lately if I’ve gotten really busy or stressed-out or tired, nothing gets me back into equilibrium like knitting. If I have an easy, soothing project like stockinette or garter stitch on the needles, and just do a long row for the time being, all seems right with the world. If I get into something that’s over my head, there are people who can HELP ME! without judging. Lately I’ve been attending some online meetings, and often there’s been downtime or computer glitch time that silently, unbeknownst to other attendees, becomes knitting time for me.

go gators ruffle scarf

go gators ruffle scarf

Ethel and Christmas gnome

Ethel and Christmas gnome (troll?)

Lois and orange hat

Lois and orange hat

Lois and neutral color hat

Lois and neutral color hat

Lois got to the point of decrease on both these hats. I think the white one will have a pompon at the top. Lois finishes these so fast we only get to see them in a brief moment in time before they’re shipped off to their new owners!

an exercise in ball winding for Ethel

an exercise in ball winding for Ethel

Sometimes you feel a great accomplishment in just winding up a ball of yarn on the old nostepinde. Not the most fascinating job, but it needs to be done. Go for it!

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At Wednesday Night Knitting we knitted and nattered about current fibery happenings. I’ve been busy and not wanting to drive at night, so I’ve missed the last two monthly meetings of the Gainesville Handweavers’ Guild. In September, the program was all about Ginger Clark’s (of local Ewephoric Fibers) recent Patagonia Cashmere experiences. I was reading the latest issue of Spin-off, and happened to see this gorgeous ad for Golding spinning paraphernalia featuring Ginger Clark! She’s nationwide!

Ginger Clark ad in Fall 2013 Spin-off

Ginger Clark ad in Fall 2013 Spin-off

2013 Fall issue

2013 Fall issue

I also missed October’s meeting. One of the guild members filled me in on that session, which was presented by local PhD student Carlee Forbes, about Woven Raffia in the Kongo, part of a current exhibition at the Harn Museum, called Kongo Across the Waters. This project was a collaboration between the Harn Museum and the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium. Luckily the exhibit will still be up at the Harn for a while, and the Guild plans another African textiles presentation at January’s meeting, The History of Indigo in Africa.

Meanwhile, we worked on our projects: Ethel on her hat, vest, and a new blue knitted project.

Ethel's new blue bamboo and silk project

Ethel’s new blue bamboo and silk project

Auracania vest for a boy

Auracania vest for a boy

more of Ethel's hat

more of Ethel’s hat

IMG_0925 I finished a doll’s purse.

Trisha and

Trisha and the beautiful afghan of many colors

Trisha worked on her afghan some more. Isn’t it looking grand? She told us she had to frog and redo the whole row she did last week because she got a color out of sync. Daylight savings time had us nodding and yawning.
Bob's dreaming of wooly times

Bob’s dreaming of wooly times

Grayzie's shutting out the nattering

Grayzie’s shutting out the nattering

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Ethel started it off with a giant purple shamrock.

Oxalis regnellii

Oxalis regnellii

The cats were acting up, especially Pauly and Grayzie, who were making such pests of themselves I had to shut them away. Is there strange magic in the air?

Halloween has lasted for weeks, it seems, but I just now found the first magazine of Christmas Knitting projects that looked irresistible to me.

Special Christmas issue of Simply Knit

Special Christmas issue of Simply Knit

This has a separate booklet of awesome little projects that are perfect decorations and stocking-stuffers. The Alan Dart attraction in this is a unicorn with a little gnome at its side. Adorable! And the apparel! How does a girl’s A-line shift dress with an intarsia fox face sound to you? A lacy sweater dress in a vertical leafy chain pattern and the waistline panel in the same pattern, but horizontal. My words aren’t adequate but the photos are fabulous. We sighed at the lovely, warm knitted items that would certainly cause us Floridians to sweat our way through the holidays.

I finished my picot-edge shawl, the one that sort-of matches the purse that was a gift from my son and his fashion-astute wife. I think I might have included some light silver or gray in it, but it is what it is! The outer row turned out to be a worsted-weight 100% merino yarn, while the other stripes are from Berocco Captiva metallic (the gold and lavender), Berocco Fuji (the purple), and Maggi Knits Irish Linen MK (the orange).

Fall colors shawl and purse

Fall colors shawl and purse

Ethel's finished white shawl

Ethel’s finished white shawl

Ethel finished the white shawl, and it is beautiful and soft. Someone is going to love throwing that over her shoulders in a chilly room.

Lois started on her version of the shawl, making the neck a little wider than Ethel’s. You have to realize theirs is a very intuitive take on a pattern; practically improvising in process. They are good at just getting busy and ending up with a beautiful finished article as if by magic!

Lois's version of the shawl

Lois’s version of the shawl

By the way, Lois is back on a hat again. I was tickled, thinking about the old song lyrics “OH, the cat came back, he couldn’t stay away, he was sitting on the porch on the very next day…” but with Lois, it’s “the HAT came back…”

Lois with new hat of sea-foam green yarn

Lois with new hat of sea-foam green yarn

I love the color of that light green yarn!

Trish with afghan

Trish with afghan

Trisha joined us and told some funny stories about her dad and his crocheted hats. He started crocheting when his old hat fell apart and he needed a new one but was too cheap wanted to make one that was more economical than the ones he saw in the store. And once he made the hat for himself, he made hats for EVERYONE else! They are trying to get him to face up to his hat-making addiction and move on to afghans or something, but he seems good with the hat thing right now.

Ethel and alpaca hat for DIL

Ethel and alpaca hat for DIL

Ethel worked on a hat, too, to match a scarf she’d made for her DIL last year. She brought along her entrelac purse for BOB, who was thrilled. He’s recovering from his pancreatitis but having to take lots of medicine, which has resulted in my DH having a number of new fang-holes in his thumbs. Sigh. The cat came back.
wool-worshiping Bob

wool-worshiping Bob

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