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This goes out to our former group member Kerrie, who had a birthday today. We miss you Kerrie! Interestingly enough, besides Kerrie, 3 other knitting groupies have had birthdays in the past month. Are people who were born under the sign of Leo natural needlework divas? I thought so.


Rachel contemplates a new project in crochet


Lois asks Ethel for some clarification in her sock project

cat in bag

Grayzie tries to dive in nose-first

cat in bag

how about this bag?

cat in bag

Wait, here’s another one! MMMMMMM….


I got up to “L” on the Martin Storey blanket

Hope everyone with a happy summer birthday feels renewed and ready to roar in a new year, full of great new needlework! XD


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Wednesday Night. The yarn activity continues…

Ethel’s skills as a teacher were greatly in demand….


Someone wanted to learn to crochet

learning to knit

Someone wanted to learn to knit, but she was ok with learning to crochet, too.

knitted fingerless mitts

Lois had some final touches to finish on these mitts

knitted afghan

I am up to the letter I so far!

knitted tote

And I’ve started on another tote

Knitting book

I forgot to show my book of knowledge to the group

tatting and book

mysterious but perfectly preserved package

Meanwhile, we solved the mystery of the mysterious but perfectly preserved package.

While DH and I were at the Family Beach Weekend, he got an email stating that some tool or other he ordered would be delivered by UPS and would lounge around on our doorstep til we got home. So he called a family member and asked her to go by the house and please pick it up on her way to the beach. She did, but when we quizzed her about it, at the time it was in her car, so she described it as a book and a present. A present? Yes, wrapped in pink wrapping paper with butterflies on it. That didn’t sound like something DH would have ordered from Rockler or Woodcraft. When I opened the package, it was a beautiful arrangement of tatting mounted on black velvet in a silver frame. And the book was a biography about Teddy Roosevelt. Well, when I saw the tatting, I immediately thought, “Lois!” But then, the book had an inscription that mentioned “Ethel.” So I presented the treasures at Wednesday Night Knitting and learned that Lois had dropped these things on the doorstep for my birthday 3 months ago! She put them in the iron Dutch oven that resides thereon as a sort of rustic decoration. Thinking back, she did say that she had called. Which just goes to show that people need to spell it out, preferably using the NATO alphabet names (ie. alpha, beta, Charlie, November) or make exaggerated mouth movements after saying, like Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid, “Look-eye! Always Look Eye!” And then maybe I will get the gist of the conversation! Thank you, Lois! I am humbled that you thought so much of scatter-brained me!

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This week’s photo challenge is Texture. I went to The World’s Most Famous Beach for our family beach weekend. Sand, surf, the roar of traffic up and down A1A outside the beach-front hotels, hugs from big and little ones, crisp hotel sheets on sun-exposed skin, seafood restaurants, and of course, a yarn crawl. I had to see what the local yarn shop The Ball of Yarn had to offer.

The Mandarin Petit and Kashmir yarns are from their Swedish import rack, although they have a flag of Norway on their labels. The shop proprietor told me that they love Kraemer brand yarns, which are spun in America and were used in the Ralph Lauren knitted apparel worn by our Winter Olympics competitors. Isn’t it a small world after all?

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Summer loving knitting! Yes, we do!

cool sock

Ethel is thinking of knitting this cool sock from Interweave Knit


Meanwhile, she also thought about these:



baby yarn

bamboo, cotton and acrylic yarn

blue knitted thing

and she worked a little more on this project




















Lois made lots of progress on her afghan.

knit afghan

Lois’s afghan

Rachel started something new.


Rachel’s new project

I worked on the same project.

knitted alphabet blocks

more squares finished

But it’s not boring! The blocks go fast, and I can’t wait to start on another beautiful color of Rowan felted tweed.

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